19 Best Remote Job Websites for Job Hunters

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19 Remote Job Websites for Job Hunters

Work-life balance, schedule flexibility, higher productivity — these are some of the most popular reasons why virtual assistance became a booming industry. For people looking to find remote work, however, knowing these benefits isn’t enough.  They also need to know how to actually get a stable income while working remotely. What remote job search websites can bring you from the 9-o-5 bind to the ultimate freedom of self-employment?

The State of Remote Work: What to Expect Now and in the Future

Looking for remote work isn’t difficult. Just go on Google, search remote job websites, and you’ll be greeted by thousands of results. However, what you want is something more relevant.

More and more companies are contracting out select business processes for a variety of reasons. To find and establish a long-standing career, it’s wise to look into emerging industries and know the current and projected state of remote work.

Here are a few research-backed remote work statistics to note of:

The four developing areas for outsourcing are: (Source: ISS World)

  • Strategy
  • Differentiations
  • Entire Organizations (as opposed to entire processes)
  • Complex Business Problems

Other remote work statistics

  • The global outsourcing market value amounted to $85.6 billion (Statista, 2018).
  • The recorded revenue for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) was $62 billion (Statista, 2018).
  • 78% of surveyed companies are satisfied with their outsourcing associations (Deloitte).
  • 50% of companies claim Service Quality is a major problem when subcontracting a business process (CreditDonkey).
  • By 2022, over 54% of workers would need major upskilling or re-skilling to be employable (World Economic Forum).
  • Although automation has put some jobs at risk, it is projected that higher-level jobs will be outsourced in the future (ATKearney).

19 Top Remote Job Websites to Keep on Your Radar

Outsourcing and remote work becomes a wider umbrella as it accommodates new industries. This booming trend turns virtual workers as the future of the workforce. Of course, unpredictability is still one component of the times ahead. That’s why it’s best to work with an established remote job website when looking for remote jobs.

The most credible ones would help develop your skills while helping you find the most fitting position. The most ideal one would recognize the value that you can bring to the table as well as your right to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.

Find the best freelance position when you find the perfect remote working jobs website for you. Here are the 20 best places for finding remote work.

Websites for Multi-Skilled Job Seekers

61% of virtual workers have 2-3 fields of expertise (And Co). If you are a multi-talented person or have the potential to excel in different lines of business, you can be a great asset for many companies. Share your versatile abilities in these remote job websites.


1. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a company powered by a 100% remote staff. Established in 2012, the company is now home to 50 staff from 18 different countries. Hubstaff Talent has a clean, intuitive website that lets job seekers search and filter for positions based on skills, availability (full-time, fixed-rate, hourly contract), pay rate, and language.

Anyone can create a profile in Hubstaff Talent for free. The 4-step signup process lets people create an account in no time and start looking for a client immediately. Hubstaff categorizes industries in 7 categories: Marketing and Sales, Design and Multimedia, Development, Writing and Content, Admin, Database and IT, and Business Consulting. Each category is then divided into different subgroups so both employers and workers can filter based on their niches.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a remote job website that has been around for more than a decade, and it’s well known for providing remote career opportunities. The company started out from a need to outsource. The technology that emerged made it possible for thousands of companies and professionals to collaborate with reliability and transparency.

Now, Upwork is a hub for over 70 work categories and 5,000 skills. Job seekers can surf through available postings based on industries. The website also features a Top 30 Trending Jobs list that specifies the pay rate and a blurb of the job description for a quick search.

3. Guru

Guru claims to only hire the most talented professionals. Because of this, the company promises to deliver 99% client satisfaction rate to companies looking for virtual workers. For job hunters, the company’s track record of paying a total of $250 million to freelancers serves as its stamp of credibility.

Guru’s website is easy to navigate, with its filter options that allow people to screen according to payment terms, location, received quotes. Applicants can also sort job postings to see the newly published positions or ones closing soon.

4. 20four7VA

More than a decade ago, the founders of 20four7VA started matching virtual assistants with small-to-midsize businesses from all over the world. Now, they have a solid system of hiring talented, reliable people who are working from home in various countries worldwide.

Arguably one of the best remote job websites, 20four7VA is definitely an expert in outsourcing. Today, the company has endorsed over 6,000 virtual assistants (VA) and boasts of a 97% VA retention rate proving that they are one of the top remote job websites today. The company also believes in work commitment and personal development.

Unlike other companies, 20four7VA provides their virtual assistants with an opportunity for career growth through their annual cost-of-living analyses. VAs can take advantage of 45 training programs for upskilling in their chosen fields.

Websites for Tech-Related Jobs

Information technology is one of the biggest drivers of the outsourcing industry. In 2018, the recorded market size of IT jobs outsourced totalled $62 billion (Statista 2018). Whether you are a data specialist, iOS or Android developer, front-end developer, or have strong inclinations in any tech field, these platforms will help you build a strong clientele.


5. 6nomads

6nomads is one of the top-notch remote job websites in the IT industry as it claims to only deal with purely IT companies. This gives job seekers the chance to work with companies that needs their input while helping them better their craft.

To get started, 6nomads requires job seekers to take a 15-minute programming or role-specific test, take the coding challenge, and record a 3-minute video answering 3 simple questions. You can then get matched with companies after completing these steps.

6. Automation Agency

Do you know how to leverage your tech skills for marketing purposes? Help businesses gain leads or improve their website.

Automation Agency helps clients boost their brand by creating winning landing pages, integrating secure payment processes in websites, and increasing blog traffic. If these are your fields of expertise or if you are amenable to learn in this craft, it’s worth checking out Automation Agency.

7. CyberCoders

Established in 1999, CyberCoders is a company that takes pride in equal employment opportunities. The company claims to be success-oriented so that it only takes and hones the most talented people in the industry. CyberCoders employs hundreds of recruitment experts to help them deliver expert Tech & IT assistance to its clients.

To apply, job hunters can simply upload their résumé to the website and wait to get contacted by the CyberCoders recruitment team. The platform also features available jobs that people can browse and sort according to posting dates and salary.

8. Gun.io

Are you a software developer looking to take your game to the next level? For Gun.io, software engineers and tech specialists must have the best opportunity to expand their turn without compromising personal time and professional fees.

After submitting a résumé and filling out an online application form, job seekers will have to be screened by the Gun.io recruitment team. Those who pass the initial process are then asked to take a technical test and are interviewed online. Applicants are also required to submit reference info of their previous clients or employers. The ones who are hired and certified are given the privilege to set their hourly fees and are matched with the most fitting companies.

9. Hired

A company that gives professionals the best career opportunities by linking them to innovative companies. This is the promise of Hired, as it helps designers, product managers, and developers match with businesses that need their skills and input.

Candidates can sign up by simply filling in their name, email address, and current location. Hired would then promote your profile, so that companies apply to you and not the other way around. Apart from having control over who you want to work with, you can also elect to hide your information from past or current clients.

Websites for Content Creation Jobs

Content marketing statistics show that more and more companies are choosing to outsource this business process for better output and increased productivity (The Manifest). Are you a content writer, editor, graphic designer, or content marketing expert? Help companies boost customer engagement and increase blog traffic by sharing your expertise in these sites.


10. Compose.ly

Compose.ly helps writers claim the perks of their industry: write in their preferred schedule and work location and only about the topics that pique their interest.

The platform also promises several other benefits for writers looking for better career opportunities. This includes no membership fees to use the platform, a sleek interface for better workflow, and access to a supportive community.

11. Textbroker

Are you a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned writer? No matter where you are in your writing career, Textbroker can help you get solid projects and satisfactory rates. Established in 2005, the platform has been a credible source for custom and original content delivering over 100,000 writing pieces every month.

Writers can register for free. The sign-up process is simple as it only requires a few fields to fill out. Writers can also choose which projects to write about, get secure payment, and enjoy a flexible schedule.

12. Scripted

If you have a penchant for writing clear and engaging product and brand copy, hundreds of businesses need your input. Scripted can pair you up with the best clients while you maintain authority over your pay rate and workload.

Becoming a Scripted writer is easy. Create a profile and take the online test. Once passed, you can then set up your payment preference, propose jobs, and talk to clients. You can build your writing portfolio in the outsourcing online platform, so that clients come to you instead of the other way around.

13. Twine

Are you a graphic designer, 3D animator, or digital marketer? If you have the skills and technical knowledge for content creation, Twine can help you find the best projects that suit your strengths. Available jobs in Twine are grouped into 5 categories: Digital Marketing, App and Web Development, Graphic Design, Music, and Video and Animation.

Under these categories, you can browse hundreds of projects that suit your skill set and pay grade. The website interface is clean and organized, so you can quickly sign up and review projects that grab your interest.

14. 99Designs

Do you prefer to focus on the creative part of your job and let others handle the logistics? 99Designs just might be the platform you’re looking for. The company helps creatives do what they do best while they handle the business side of things. This includes finding the best clients, securing a safe payment mode, and resources to grow your clientele.

It’s free to sign up with 99Designs, although the platform charges $100 introduction fee for new clients and a platform fee that varies on your type of work. 99Designs offers to help designers build up their profiles and improve their pitch to win over prospects.

Websites for Bookkeeping and Accounting Jobs

Outsourcing isn’t just exclusive to tech, content, and marketing industries. In fact, more and more companies are also finding it beneficial to delegate bookkeeping and accounting processes to third-party specialists. In a 2018 Client Accounting Services study, 80% of respondents admit that they found more time to focus on their business when accounting was delegated to an outsourcing services platform. If you are a specialist in this field, here are the best places to look for clients.


  1. Accounting Principals

Specializing in accounting and finance staffing, Accounting Principals is a platform that helps you find a job that suits your career goals, qualifications, and skills. The job list in the website displays the position desired, date posted, and proposed salary for quick scanning.

If you want to skip searching altogether, you can also choose to submit your résumé and let the recruitment team in Accounting Principals find the most suitable clients for you.

  1. Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies is a company that goes beyond virtual accounting and bookkeeping services. The platform also offers assistance in the HR and payroll aspects of business. To apply, job seekers can just browse the available positions, select the job they want, and fill out an online application form.

Supporting Strategies are offering remote positions for bookkeeping, account management, and general client service accounting.

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

A global service provider for multiple professional services, PwC is popular for its expert business accounting advisory and tax consultation services. Both experienced accountants and finance students can find career opportunities in PwC.

The application can be done by filling out an online application form and specifying one’s industry, line of service, or specialization. The company provides virtual jobs for seasonal industry tax associates, corporate tax associates, and tax directors.

  1. Flex Professionals

A company that helps professionals find a suitable and flexible work arrangement, Flex Professionals helps new and seasoned workers alike. To apply, job hunters only need to submit a résumé and start receiving a list of available positions every week.

Flex Professionals helps people match with companies looking to fill positions for accounting, finance management, administration, and project management.

  1. Robert Half International

An established staffing company, Robert Half International is a recruitment and consulting powerhouse that’s been around for decades. The company prides itself on helping finance specialists map out their career path while helping them improve their craft.

Through the platform, you can find remote positions in legal, administration, finance, accounting, and technology.

Kickstart your year by finding the best job that suits your career goals, experience, and work arrangement. These top remote job websites in different fields would help you make the most of remote working.

Want to work for 20four7VA? Click here to apply.

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