Construction Virtual Assistant

Manage your admin workload better with a Construction VA.

What is a Construction Virtual Assistant

If you’re a construction contractor or a construction company, you know how challenging it is to ensure efficient operations both in the field and in the office. You spend most of your days overseeing various construction projects on-site only to get back to the office where you’re faced with hours of additional administrative work to prepare for the next day.

Many construction contractors and companies face the same problems: slow invoicing and delayed payments, minimal online visibility, too many admin tasks and not enough time, payroll processing issues, late adoption of new technology, ordering mistakes, inventory losses, poor or slow customer service, lack of sales and marketing initiatives, poor quality control — the list goes on.

If you need help running your business, but don’t have the budget for a full-time employee, don’t have space for in-house staff, or just don’t have the time to seek out candidates, hire a Construction Virtual Assistant from 20four7VA instead.

A Construction Virtual Assistant (VA) works remotely to help you manage your business so you can focus on getting things done on-site. There are several types of Construction VAs that you can hire to help you with various office management tasks. These online tasks can range from basic administrative work to complete online business management. You can even hire Construction VAs to provide you with marketing services and IT support!

From serving as an online receptionist to handling customer invoicing and change orders, project management to digital marketing, Construction VAs can take the heavy load of business management off your hands so you have more time to focus on your construction projects. They can also help you streamline your operations and find ways to make your office processes more efficient.

Construction Virtual Assistant Skills

General Administrative Tasks Human Resources Management Project Budget Tracking Email Marketing
File Management Contract Management Timesheet Management Brand Management
Email Management Business Operations Management Payroll Management & Processing Content Writing & Copywriting
Customer Database Management Permit Submissions Bookkeeping Document Proofreading & Editing
Calendar Management Bids & Proposals Management Bank Invoicing & Payment Tracking Online Reputation Management
Material Delivery Scheduling Project O&M Manuals Manage Company Cash Flow Marketing Distribution Planning
Customer Support Business License Renewals Petty Cash Management Website Development
Receptionist & Call Routing Supplier Coordination Prepare Financial Statements Website Maintenance
General Office Management Project Tracking Analyze Market Trends for Expansion Opportunities Project Sequence Photo Editing
Internet Research Material Ordering & Tracking Construction Draw Schedule Management Social Media Management
Client Communications Project Warranty Management Purchase Order Invoicing & Payment Tracking Software Setup & Maintenance
Field Notes Transcription Business Policy/Process Management Supplier Invoicing & Payment Tracking Public Relations Management
Meeting Minutes Change Order Request Management Identify Potential Areas for Cost Reductions Marketing Collateral Development
Lead Generation Worker’s Compensation Insurance Renewals Customer Invoicing & Payment Tracking Graphic Design
Data Entry General Liability Insurance Renewals Prepare Budgets & Financial Forecasts Video Editing
Inspection Scheduling Project Closeout/Punch List Manuals Process Day-to-Day Accounting Transactions Newsletter Creation & Distribution
Supplier Solicitation Subcontractor Recruitment & Prequalification Implement Payment & Collections Policy Competitor Research & Benchmarking

Our Construction Virtual Assistant Packages

Price starts at

    $65 per week
    Admin Support Construction VAs can help you with data entry, office management, customer support, and other routine tasks including lead generation, file and email management, and appointment scheduling.
    $77 per week
    Business Support Construction VAs can do a wide range of tasks to manage your construction business such as permit submissions, contract management, project tracking, and business operations and human resources management.
    $77 per week
    Finance Support Construction VAs can help you manage the state of your finances better by taking care of bookkeeping, payroll processing, company cash flow management, supplier or customer invoicing, and many more.
    $88 per week
    Marketing and IT Support Construction VAs can get your construction business online. These VAs can create and maintain your website, do digital marketing, create marketing collateral, set up necessary software, and more.

All VA Packages Include

  • FREE pairing service with our vetted and trained VAs
  • 14-day trial where you can easily switch to a different VA to find your perfect match
  • Complete onboarding assistance
  • A dedicated Customer Support Officer (CSO) to quickly assist you and your VA with any issues and help you monitor your VA’s performance
  • Login access to our VA time reporting and screen monitoring software
  • Full access to our recruitment, HR, accounting, and IT support teams
  • Access to over 40 training and upskilling modules for your VAs
  • Ongoing and convenient access to our support team through email, chat, and phone
  • Data security and privacy guarantee
  • Customizable VA team package solutions
  • Option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime
  • Succession planning and VA talent pipelining

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