A Partnership Advocating for the Advancement of
Remote Work in Latin America

20four7VA believes that the future of work is global mobility, so we’re expanding our reach in Latin America to match our clients with skilled bilingual remote workers or virtual assistants (VAs) from the region.

With the Argentine Association of Telework (ASAT), a non-profit advocating for the continuous advancement of teleworking in Latin America, and Remotear, an HR tech company based in Argentina, we plan to provide remote work opportunities to talented individuals in the region.

With our expansion into Latin America, we can discover amazing talents for our clients looking for Spanish-speaking virtual assistants to grow their business. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how partnering with ASAT and Remotear allows 20four7VA to provide clients with talented Spanish-speaking remote workers.


 Why Outsource to Latin America

 Connecting Businesses with Bilingual Virtual Assistants

Latin America is a region with so much potential for growth and development. By partnering with ASAT and Remotear, we can tap into this potential and help talented individuals from the region find quality remote work opportunities. We believe that this will also benefit our clients looking for bilingual virtual assistant services and help promote economic growth and development in the region.


Many Latin American countries have Spanish as their official language. Since English proficiency is also high in the region, LatAm virtual assistants are ideal candidates for businesses needing bilingual virtual assistants.

High Level of Education

Many Latin American countries have a high level of education. This means that businesses can expect virtual assistants from Latin America to be well-educated and knowledgeable.

Varied Skill Sets

Like many countries where outsourcing is in high demand, people in Latin American countries have plenty to offer in skills and talent. By hiring virtual assistants from Latin America, businesses can access a wide range of skills and expertise.


Hiring virtual assistants from Latin America can be more cost-effective than hiring from other parts of the world due to the lower cost of living in many Latin American countries.


Many LatAm countries have a time zone convenient for businesses in North America and Europe. This makes communicating and collaborating with virtual assistants from the region easier.


Latin American countries are at the forefront of technology and innovation. This means that businesses can expect virtual assistants from the region to be up-to-date with the latest tools and trends.

Partnership Pillars

How 20four7VA, ASAT, and Remotear Work Together to Elevate Remote Work in Latin America

Our partnership is grounded on three pillars: providing Latin American talents with quality global work opportunities, increasing visibility for everyone involved, and helping select talents in the region acquire relevant remote skills. Here’s what 20four7VA has committed to doing to achieve our shared goals.

Bilingual Administrative VA

We will provide Remotear with a subsidized bilingual administrative virtual assistant (VA) to help them coordinate with various institutions to promote teleworking in the region.

Job Opportunities on Remotear

We will use the Remotear platform to post remote job openings to which talented virtual assistants from the Latin American community can apply.

Partner Cross-Promotion

We commit to promoting our partners and shared goals on our platforms to help more businesses discover the benefits of hiring virtual assistants from Latin America.

Free Training for Select Talents

20four7VA will provide free training to ten individuals selected by our partners. These individuals will go through a tailored training program offered by 20four7VA’s in-house training team.

Hire Spanish-Speaking Virtual Assistants

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