20four7VA Partner Program

Explore rewarding growth and earning opportunities with our strategic Partner Programs.

Choose How You Grow with Us

The 20four7VA Partner Program aims to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between us and our partners. We do this by giving our partners four ways to collaborate with us:



Be an Affiliate and earn up to $200 per successful client referral while your referral gets a $50 rebate when they hire a VA from us.


Brand Ambassador

Be our Brand Ambassador and earn more per successful referral. Your referral also gets a rebate or their setup fee waived.



Let’s explore new projects and opportunities for our mutual benefit with our Co-branding Partnership.


White Label

Become a Reseller of our offshore contracting services and open up new income opportunities for your business.

Affiliate Partnership

Spread the word about our virtual assistant service to your audience and get rewarded when your referral becomes our client. Our Affiliate Partnership Program offers unlimited reward opportunities to our Affiliates. There’s no cost to sign up, and anyone is welcome to join.

You’re free to use any method to send us referrals. Talk about us in your emails, social media pages, videos, or website and mention your referral code.

There are three tiers for Affiliates — the more successful referrals you have, the more you earn for each referral!

Affiliate Rewards

Tier 1 Affiliate ($100 per Successful Referral)

  • This is the default tier for 20four7VA Affiliates
  • Your referral gets a $50 rebate

Tier 2 Affiliate ($150 per Successful Referral)

  • Unlock when you make 11 Unique Referrals
  • Your referral gets a $50 rebate

Tier 3 Affiliate ($200 per Successful Referral)

  • Unlock when you make 21 Unique Referrals
  • Your referral gets a $50 rebate

Brand Ambassador Partnership

As a 20four7VA Brand Ambassador, you will be rewarded for spreading the word about 20four7VA to your audience and sending us Successful Referrals. Brand Ambassadors have higher rewards compared to Affiliates, but you must pass our brand and audience evaluation first before becoming a Brand Ambassador.

Brand Ambassador Rewards

Brand Ambassador rewards will be discussed after the applicant is approved and prior to drafting the Collaboration Agreement.

Co-branding Partnership

20four7VA is always looking for ways to offer new services and develop strategies to promote a diverse and inclusive global workforce, fair and regulated remote hiring practices, practical and efficient staffing solutions for business owners, and sustainable jobs with competitive rates for global remote professionals.

With our Co-branding Partnership, we develop strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations looking to promote the same values. Aside from creating an innovative service or impactful project, our Co-branding Partnership also opens doors for both parties to expand their reach by tapping into each other’s audiences.

Co-branding Partner Benefits

  • Strengthen your brand position by developing and offering a joint service with us
  • Enhance your company’s corporate social responsibility by partnering with us on an impactful project
  • Increase your brand’s reach and visibility by implementing various co-marketing strategies with us for our joint project
  • Enhance your product or service portfolio and offer improved solutions to your audience

White Label Partnership

White Label Virtual Assistant services are services provided by a third-party VA service provider (us) to a Reseller (you). When you become part of our Virtual Assistant reseller program, you can provide our services to your clients without them knowing that there’s anyone else involved in the fulfillment process. Your clients remain yours, and we simply fulfill the work on your behalf.

Being a White Label Virtual Assistant Reseller allows you to scale your service offerings. By partnering with a white label agency specializing in virtual assistants, you can access a pool of skilled professionals trained in various tasks. This scalability enables you to meet evolving client needs while maintaining competitive pricing. Your brand remains at the forefront, ensuring consistent branding and a seamless client experience. Our White Label Virtual Assistant services empowers you to stay competitive, deliver tailored solutions, and protect your bottom line.

Apply to our virtual assistant white label partnership today!

Reasons to Become a Reseller

  • Broaden your service offerings
    As a Reseller, you can offer VA services that are closely related to your area of expertise, opening up your business to more clients.
  • Increase your revenue streams
    Being a Reseller allows you to generate new revenue streams that you haven’t explored before.
  • Improve client retention
    When you increase your service portfolio, your existing clients can turn to you for any new service they need instead of looking for another agency.
  • Work more efficiently
    By spending less time on fulfillment, HR, payroll, training, and other hiring and staff management-related concerns, you can focus more on finding clients and growing your brand.

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