Telehealth Virtual Assistant

Provide your patients with the best care by outsourcing tasks to a telehealth VA.

What is a Telehealth Virtual Assistant

Telehealth Virtual Assistants (VAs) can provide your healthcare practice or healthcare facility with much-needed help. By outsourcing your administrative, customer support, or creative and technical tasks to a Telehealth VA, or healthcare VA, you can save yourself and your in-office team from essential but time-consuming tasks giving you more time to focus on providing your patients with the best care you can give them.

Our Telehealth Virtual Assistants can help you out on many administrative tasks that can be accomplished online such as digitizing health history forms and verifying insurance information. Telehealth VAs can also provide customer support to your patients through calls, chat, text or email. You can also hire a VA to work on creative and technical tasks for your clinic or facility such as digital marketing and IT support.

Telehealth Virtual Assistant Skills

Digitizing Health History Forms Online Receptionist Duties Digital Marketing
File Management Email Support Content Writing
Patient Appointment Scheduling Phone Support Social Media Management
Insurance Verification Text Support Customer Engagement
Medical Authorizations Online Chat Support Website Development
Eligibility Processing Answering General Patient Questions IT Support
Medical Billing Processing Prescription Refill Requests Medical Software Setup

Our Telehealth Virtual Assistant Packages

Price starts at

    $5.00 per hour
    Admin Support VAs can help you with the important but time-consuming administrative tasks involved in running a healthcare facility. From making digital copies of health history forms to verifying insurance information, Admin Support VAs can do many tedious background tasks to give you more time to focus on growing your practice or spending time on your patients.
    $6.25 per hour
    Customer Support VAs can help provide your patients with fast, reliable service and improve their overall experience with your healthcare facility.  
    Some of the important tasks that you can assign to your Customer Support VA are text, chat, phone, and email support and responding to comments and queries on social media and other online channels
    $7.50 per hour
    Creative & Technical Support VAs can help you grow your practice and ensure that your online platforms and tools are running smoothly.
    Aside from digital marketing and IT support services, you can hire a Creative or Technical Support VA to do: content writing, SEO, social media marketing and management, website development, and medical software setup.

All VA Packages Include

  • FREE pairing service with our vetted and trained VAs
  • 14-day trial where you can easily switch to a different VA to find your perfect match
  • Complete onboarding assistance
  • A dedicated Customer Support Officer (CSO) to quickly assist you and your VA with any issues and help you monitor your VA’s performance
  • Login access to our VA time reporting and screen monitoring software
  • Full access to our recruitment, HR, accounting, and IT support teams
  • Access to over 40 training and upskilling modules for your VAs
  • Ongoing and convenient access to our support team through email, chat, and phone
  • Data security and privacy guarantee
  • Customizable VA team package solutions
  • Option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime
  • Succession planning and VA talent pipelining

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