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What is Lead Generation?


Lead generation is the process of identifying and collecting potential clients or new customers for a business. It is one of the oldest processes known to man and has existed practically since the first business was built — or even before that. From handing out flyers on the streets to marketing calls to online advertising, lead gen has evolved and grown more complex over the years.

Today, generating leads has taken on a vast number of forms, strategies, and processes. Businesses typically employ more than one type of tactic to maximize their reach (marketing leads) and increase sales (sales leads). Some common tactics used for lead generation include:

  • Blog post creation
  • Comment marketing on forums or Q&A websites
  • Social media
  • Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads
  • Email, text, chat
  • Billboards
  • TV, radio, newspapers
  • Sales calling
  • Landing pages

All companies need a lead generation expert within their team, or at least outsourced lead generation services, in order to grow. Whether offline or online, lead generation has definitely become an indispensable tool in growing any type of business. However, adding full-time employees to generate quality leads for your business can be expensive. The good news is that there is a more cost-effective solution: virtual assistant services for lead generation.

What is a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) for lead generation can work on various types of lead generation strategies to find qualified leads for marketing teams and sales teams. This means that a lead generation virtual assistant knows various tactics to find customers and attract their target audience to a particular brand. A lead generation assistant is also familiar with the lead generation funnel which represents the buyer’s journey from a prospect to a paying customer.

Lead generation VAs are generally knowledgeable in more than one type of lead generation strategy, but they still specialize in one or two particular forms of lead generation. This means that hiring a lead generation VA relies not only on the VA’s skill but on the lead gen tactics you use or are planning to use too.

What’s the difference between a local lead gen expert and a lead gen VA? Lead gen VAs work remotely to do all their tasks, so you save on overhead costs by hiring a VA instead of an in-house employee. On top of that, most lead gen VAs work from overseas. Because of this, lead gen VAs usually have lower hourly rates even while providing you with the same skills as local lead generation experts. This means that lead gen VAs are more cost-effective and suitable for small-to-medium-sized businesses because they allow you to save more on staffing costs.

What Skills Do Lead Generation Virtual Assistants Need to Have?

Lead generation VAs need to have a basic understanding of how the marketing process works. Although they are focused on a singular aspect of the process, they need to know what happens in all the other parts of the marketing funnel in order to be effective at what they do. Lead generation, after all, is not an isolated branch of the marketing process but an integral part of a business’ multi-channel marketing and sales process.

A good lead generation VA should be able to identify which leads have the most potential to turn into paying customers. This allows them to capitalize on that potential and improve conversion rates. This also means that they should have a thorough understanding of the target audience and the different stages in the customer’s journey.

Depending on what type of lead generation tactic you want to focus on, you’re going to have to look for different areas of expertise as well. Common areas of expertise in lead generation are: content marketing, social media, sales calling, and comment marketing. Some lead gen experts are also well-versed in specific approaches such as account-based marketing or B2B lead generation services.

What Tools Does a Lead Generation Expert Use?


There is a wide range of tools available for a lead gen expert’s use. Some are specific to certain industries such as real estate, insurance, or home services, while others are for general lead gen purposes. Here are some of the most common tools used by lead gen professionals.

CRM & Database

Organization and storage are two essential factors of a good lead gen strategy. As leads come and go, you want to be able to keep track of all the developments, outreach, and responses you get from each lead. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or a database software will help you and your lead gen VA keep track of all the leads that enter your system and what happens to them after.

On-Page & Inbound Leads

On-page lead gen tools allow you to capture website visitors and turn them into actual leads that you can follow up on. Inbound leads allow you to capture leads from other platforms in order to direct them to your website or qualify them on those platforms themselves.

Marketing Services Tools

These tools, commonly known as a martech (marketing technology) stack, are software used specifically for planning, creating, implementing, and tracking marketing campaigns. These include email marketing software, social media software, advertising and SEO tools, and content management systems (CMS).

Analytics & Tracking

Lead gen will not be as effective as it could be if you don’t track and analyze your existing strategies and improve on them. Analytics tools for lead gen allow you to see which calls to action are the most effective, which platforms give you the best quality leads, and other important metrics.

These are just some of the types of tools that a lead gen expert should be familiar with. Of course, your business will use specific tools for each category. It’s important to find a VA who knows how to use these tools or at least learn how to use them fast.

How Do I Hire a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant?


Interviewing your potential lead generation VA will give you important insight into their capabilities. During your interview, it’s important to scrutinize their past experience with generating leads for their previous company or past clients.

Here are some questions to ask a lead gen VA applicant:

  • What types of lead gen strategies are you familiar with?
  • What kind of lead gen tasks have you done for previous clients?
  • Tell me about some lead generation tactics you’ve done and the impact that these tactics have made on your client’s business growth.
  • How do you define/measure a successful lead generation strategy?

Aside from their experience, look into any relevant training they have as well. Training helps a lead generation VA hone their skill and keep themselves updated with current trends and best practices.

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