Telehealth Virtual Assistant

Expand your practice by delegating time-consuming back-office tasks to your Telehealth Virtual Assistant!


A Telehealth Virtual Assistant or Medical Virtual Assistant (VA) is a remote contract professional who can provide your medical practice or healthcare facility with much-needed help. By outsourcing various duties to a telehealth VA, you’re saving yourself and the rest of your medical team from the burden of important but time-consuming tasks.

From administrative tasks like data entry and insurance verification to customer helpdesk duties, 20four7VA can find the right healthcare virtual assistants your practice needs to keep up with the fast-paced healthcare industry.

EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE. The growing need for accessible healthcare puts healthcare providers in a great position to serve more customers. But if you want your doctors and nurses to do what they do best, you’ll need a Telehealth VA to take on the routine, time-consuming tasks that can limit and exhaust your local medical staff.

AVOID BURNOUT. Caring for patients is a worthwhile but physically and emotionally draining job. If you add the burden of administrative, customer service, and other back-office tasks, then you can risk physician burnout. Telehealth remote assistant services can be the key to unloading some time-consuming tasks off your medical team.

GET MORE DONE WITHOUT BLOATING COSTS. Administrative duties, customer service, and marketing support: These tasks can be done by remote talent from anywhere in the world. But why choose remote staffing over in-office employees? It’s simple. You’re getting the same high-quality service at a fraction of the cost.



Don’t let routine administrative tasks keep you from caring for more patients. An Admin Telehealth VA can manage your calendar, monitor emails, do data entry, and more. You can simply delegate administrative duties to this type of VA, so you’ll have more time and energy to focus on helping patients.

Business Support

Whether via email, phone, or online chat, your patients should be able to reach you and get the answers you need. Hiring a Telehealth VA for business support, such as a medical appointment setter or medical transcriptionist can help you improve customer experience by handling customer support duties, answering general patient questions, insurance verification, and more.


Get attention for all the right reasons. Make your practice stand out from the competition with engaging marketing strategies. A Marketing Telehealth VA can assist you with crafting content that is both relevant to your target audience and consistent with your brand ideologies. They can also set up and manage your accounts on social media platforms to help you widen your reach.


Get matched with the right VA Easy, hassle-free payment terms End-to-end VA staffing services

We can match you with HIPAA-certified Telehealth VAs to ensure that your medical practice remains compliant with the industry’s rules and regulations.

Whether you need a Patient Appointment Scheduling Virtual Assistant or a Virtual Receptionist, we’ll ensure you get the right remote professional for your practice’s needs. We’ll search our pool of pre-vetted, skilled VAs to help you find the right match. But if you have more specific requirements in mind, then we can assist you in crafting tailored VA solutions for you.

Don’t worry about paying upfront fees! We provide free consultations and quotations. You’ll only be charged once your selected VA starts working with you. Our services don’t end with sourcing and matching clients with VAs. We offer complete VA staffing services to all our clients. We can help you with onboarding, in-house VA training, and payroll processing. You’ll even be assigned a dedicated customer support officer!


*Price starts at

  • Admin Support VA
    $5.00 per hour
    Data Entry
    Personal Assistance
    Internet Research
    Digitizing Health History Forms
    File Management
    Email Management
    Calendar Management
    Manage Contact List
  • Business Support VA
    $6.25 per hour
    Insurance Verification
    Medical Authorizations
    Eligibility Processing
    Medical Billing
    Customer Support
    Call Routing
    Online Receptionist Duties
    Update Patient Records
    CRM/Database Management
    Answering Patient Questions
    Patient Appointment Scheduling
    Processing Prescription Refill Requests
    Supply Management
    Medical Coding
  • Marketing Support VA
    $7.50 per hour
    Digital Marketing
    Content Writing
    Social Media Management
    Customer Engagement
    Email Marketing
    Graphic Design
    Video Editing
    App Development and Automation
    Marketing Collateral Development

*The prices above are based on a full-time entry level Virtual Assistant (VA). Prices increase depending on the skill & experience level and the weekly contracted hours of the VA you hire.


20four7VA helps make VA staffing quick and hassle-free! We can assist you with hiring the right VA in four easy steps.

  1. Simply fill out our consultation form so we can set up a call to better understand your requirements.
  2. While you wait, we’ll search our VA database to match you with the right talent.
  3. We’ll set up interviews for shortlisted VA applicants to help you with the VA selection.
  4. Once you’ve selected the right VA for you, we will set up your subscription. And just like that, your new Telehealth or Medical Virtual Assistant is ready to be onboarded and start working!


  • FREE pairing service with our vetted and trained VAs
  • Complete onboarding assistance
  • An Account Manager (AM) to assist with any issues and help monitor VA performance
  • Access to our VA time reporting and screen monitoring software
  • Recruitment, HR, accounting, and IT support
  • 40+ training and upskilling modules for your VAs
  • Multichannel support through email, chat, and phone
  • Data security and privacy guarantee
  • Customizable VA team packages
  • Succession planning and VA talent pipelining
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime

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