Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Reduce cases of insurance fraud with an Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant.

What is an Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant?


Healthcare is always essential, and many patients rely on insurance to cover the cost of accessing treatment and maintenance. Unfortunately, this reliance also lends well to fraud and other similar unsavory practices. This is why hiring an insurance verification virtual assistant (VA) is crucial for any healthcare service provider.

An insurance verification VA can handle the tedious tasks of management and investigation of medical insurance verification. An insurance verification specialist takes care of following a set of steps for checking insurance eligibility including contacting the insurance provider directly and is in charge of taking care of contacting the patients and submitting any necessary claim forms and authorizations.

An insurance verification VA doesn’t just handle insurance verification. They also deal with some aspects of billing, such as keeping track of patient deductibles, copays, and entering information into your existing billing systems. Apart from this, an insurance verification VA can also explain coverages to your patients and help patients obtain referrals in cases when they are not covered.

What Kinds of Tasks can an Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant Do?


Verification of Coverage

Your insurance verification VA can cover the entire insurance verification process, using a variety of methods like checking insurance coverage websites and directly calling insurance providers. They can also conduct a medical eligibility check on each of your patients so that you don’t need to worry about denied claims.

Explaining Coverage to Patients

Your VA’s job doesn’t just stop at patient insurance verification. They can also chat with your patients to help them understand what’s covered, what’s not, and what their payment responsibilities are.

Update Patient Billing

Your VA can also help straighten out patient billing information so that the proper entities are billed correctly. 

Update patient information

An insurance verification VA keeps patient data up to date so that it’s easier to check their information in the future.

Inform relevant staff of claim denials

Since an insurance verification VA is in charge of finding out who is covered for what services and treatments, as well as logging those properly with billing, it is also up to them to inform various personnel in cases where claims are denied.

What Skills and Qualifications Does an Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant Need to Have?


Good communication skills

Insurance verification VAs need to have excellent oral and written communication skills. This is because they don’t work exclusively through emails or phone calls, they often have to do a mix of both to do their work effectively.


Since insurance verification VAs handle files of many patients, they must be very organized so they can access the information they need quickly and accurately.


Insurance verification VAs must always look at the details of each transaction, in order to minimize errors and keep denials to a minimum.

Approachable and empathic

Insurance verification specialists sometimes have to contact insurance providers directly in order to verify patient insurance, and also have to interact with your patients. Because of this, they need to be friendly and overall pleasant to talk to, so that you can maintain good relationships with insurance providers and patients alike.

Respects confidentiality

Since they are going to be privy to confidential patient information, health insurance verification VAs must always be mindful of patient privacy rights.

Familiar with medical terminology

Insurance verification VAs need to check for patient eligibility for various medical services and treatments, so it is important that they are either familiar with common medical terms in order for them to work fast and with less error.

How Can I Hire an Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant?

Even though you may want to hire a VA to help with health insurance verification, finding one can be hard and tedious. This is where companies like 20four7VA can help you.They can comb through the wide talent pool available to you globally, and shortlist only the best and most qualified applicants for you to interview. 20four7VA can also help you beyond finding a VA to hire, they can also help you onboard and monitor any VA you hire with their help.

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