Online Medical Receptionist Virtual Assistant

An online medical receptionist can help boost your healthcare clinic or facility’s efficiency.

What is an Online Medical Receptionist?

In any business, a receptionist is a crucial member of the staff. They are usually the client’s first point of contact with the organization and are tasked with interacting with a variety of visitors in a professional capacity. The same arrangement goes for hospitals and clinics that need a capable person to greet, serve, and reassure patients. Now, when practically everything has moved online, a medical receptionist virtual assistant (VA) is essential more than ever.

What is a Medical Receptionist VA?


Virtual offices have become the norm for most, but the healthcare field still needs people to come in person to be checked by the doctor or any health expert. The one thing that has changed recently is that medical establishments will no longer allow walk-in patients, and that is where a medical receptionist VA comes in.

Virtual medical receptionists are front desk professionals who are responsible for handling and coordinating doctor and patient appointments, inquiries, sending and collecting paperwork, and other related duties to ensure that visitors have a positive, stress-free experience.

Although online medical assistants work remotely, convenient technology like computers and the internet have changed traditional operations like manually writing down patient information and appointment schedules. Electronic media has improved operational efficiency in more ways than one and has made virtual assistance possible. Today, virtual processes are fast becoming popular in the health sector.

What are the Duties of a Virtual Medical Office Receptionist?


Virtual medical receptionists take care of a wide range of administrative tasks to assist the patients of a healthcare facility. Much like a receptionist in a traditional office, they are in the frontlines of a hospital or medical clinic. They are the people to go to for tasks such as appointment schedules and billing inquiries.

Some of these professionals have medical backgrounds or at least extensive knowledge of procedures and terms. They can also do the following:

Answer patient queries via emails/phones

The most common routine task in a healthcare facility is answering patient and visitor questions. A skilled virtual medical receptionist can handle queries regarding payments, documentation, referrals, transcripts, and schedules.

Digitize medical records

Electronic health records are considered the norm as important documents are stored digitally for ease and efficiency. VAs can help digitize patient health records in the database and make sure that all information is correct and up to date.

Manage appointments and schedules

The medical receptionist VA organizes patient appointments for healthcare professionals. While calling the clinic or hospital remains one of the most common ways to make an appointment, there are apps and platforms where patients can self-schedule, and the VA can handle those as well.

Send reminders

The VA can send reminders to patients for upcoming consultations, appointments, and follow-ups via text messaging, emails, or calls to minimize missed appointments and maximize scheduling efficiency for hospitals and clinics.

Provide intake and new patient forms

An online medical VA can provide legally required documents such as patient forms. They can send them via electronic mail and in advance so that doctors may have a copy of a patient’s health background and information before their appointment to make the visit more efficient.

Process billing and insurance

Virtual medical assistants can help process payments for billing and preauthorize accounts that are eligible for insurance coverage. They can also help with the necessary paperwork or retrieve more information to complete it.

Document patient visits

In addition to keeping patient records updated, VAs can assist in completing the documentation for each visit. Additionally, they can also transcribe medical notes by physicians and other healthcare providers.

How Do I Hire a Virtual Medical Receptionist?


An on-site employee may be able to do the traditional duties of a medical receptionist, but in the age of telecare and remote work, it makes more sense to hire someone to work remotely. Additionally, a full-time employee can be expensive, but you can hire a cost-effective virtual assistant to help with your operations efficiently.

Here at 20four7VA, you don’t have to worry about where to look for a skilled online medical receptionist. We can take care of everything for you and look for the right candidate based on what you and your business needs. We can also work with you if you have a strict budget or if you have any special conditions for the assistant you want to hire.

If you would rather be involved with the hiring process, we can cater to that too. 20four7VA has a stringent hiring process to ensure that we hire only the best virtual assistants. We do this because we know how difficult and time-consuming it is to find and interview candidates. Once you have found the right VA, we will help with onboarding, training, communicating, and paying for them on your behalf.

As a premier provider of virtual staffing solutions, 20four7VA is experienced in finding the right VAs for your business. Ready to work with a trusted name in the virtual assistant industry? Schedule a consultation call with us today.

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