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What is Data Entry?


Data entry for businesses is when numbers, text, or other data are encoded and entered into a computer database. This data is then used to ensure that the business can make decisions that are grounded on their current reality and processes.

In order to grow and maximize profit, a business must always strive to make informed decisions. Businesses must ensure proper data processing, data analysis, and data management is being done. And at the core of that is ensuring that the data entry process is complete and accurate.

Excellent data entry services entail more than just mindlessly typing in or scanning information to be processed into the computer. The person tasked to perform data entry must ensure that whatever information entered is accurate through a combination of verifying sources, identifying anomalies, and double-checking the data.

What is a Data Entry Virtual Assistant?

A data entry virtual assistant can help businesses ensure the quality and accuracy of their databases and other important business data. A data entry assistant can concentrate on this aspect of the data pipeline, and help prevent errors and even potentially identify more efficient processes.

Data entry tasks can be extremely repetitive and time-consuming. Since it’s not just manually entering data you have to think about but sometimes converting data or transferring data between sources too, entire workdays can be consumed by these tasks. This is valuable time that a business owner or higher-level employees can better spend looking into ways to grow the company.

Hiring a full-time employee who specializes in data entry is ideal, but it can be very expensive. This is because a full-time employee requires complete contracts, space in your office, and all the benefits associated with regular employees.

A data entry research assistant can help businesses save both time and money by doing quality work without all the associated requirements of hiring a physical employee. A company can hire a virtual assistant faster and for less money, and they can then use the saved resources on strategies that directly impact business growth.

What Tasks Can a Data Entry Virtual Assistant Do?


Data entry virtual assistants can do a variety of tasks for businesses all related to maintaining the accuracy of the business’ databases for later analysis and use for important decisions. These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Data preparation
    Data preparation is the initial clean-up of data. It includes removing redundancies or incomplete data so that the final dataset is not rendered inaccurate.
  • Data compilation
    Sometimes, data can exist in many different sources or databases. A data entry virtual assistant can sort all this information and put them together for easier consumption and data processing later on.
  • Data assessment
    Data entry virtual assistants can look through the existing datasets in order to identify and correct errors. This way, they can assess not only the quality of data but also help identify any patterns indicating bigger data issues, like common encoding errors. This way, the data entry process itself can be improved, increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Research conflicting data
    Whenever there are data conflicts between different related databases, a data entry virtual assistant can look into the issue and find the source of conflict. As they are the ones inputting the information in the first place,
  • Basic data management
    More experienced data entry virtual assistants can help maintain and manage a businesses’ databases. They can make sure the data is updated and data across different databases are aligned, and they can create backups for safety. Doing these tasks can greatly help data managers, saving them time and effort better spent on more complex data problems.

What Skills Do Data Entry Virtual Assistants Need to Have?

Data entry virtual assistants must possess certain competencies in order to do their jobs well. Some of these required skills include:

  • Meticulousness

Data entry virtual assistants must have great attention to detail because they deal with highly repetitive tasks with small, important variations. They must be very sharp when it comes to remembering and inputting details because of the quality of the entire data processing and analysis relies on the proper entry of data.

  • Familiarity with Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet and/or data entry programs

In order to input data quickly and accurately, a data entry virtual assistant must already be familiar with the types of programs used for entering data. Familiarity means that they can quickly work through their data pile, and minimizes user error due to unfamiliarity with the features of the data entry program.

  • Fast typing speed

The most basic task a data entry virtual assistant does is actually entering information into a computer. This means that, no matter what, data entry assistants should be able to type fast in order to work fast. Therefore, it is extremely important to test a potential hire’s typing speed.

  • Ability to work with a team

A data entry virtual assistant will never entirely work in isolation. They must always work together with the rest of the data and research team, in order to identify inefficiencies and work together to solve problems.

How Do I Hire a Data Entry Virtual Assistant?


With data entry being the backbone of a business’ data management and analytics process, it is important to find skilled and reputable partners to help search for and hire your data entry virtual assistant. 20four7VA is one such platform with its long history and accessible online reviews. A full-service staffing agency like 20four7VA can search for qualified candidates and begin the vetting process so that business owners don’t have to spend days doing these general tasks themselves.

20four7VA will search for the most appropriate candidates for you, whether entry-level, expert, full-time, or part-time. Once these candidates are vetted and presented, a representative from the company must then interview them to make a final decision, to ensure that whoever is selected fits with the company’s culture and values, apart from being qualified for the position. 20four7VA will then aid the company in onboarding and monitoring their chosen VA.

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