Patient Eligibility Verification VA

Make eligibility processing in your clinic smooth and simple with help from a Patient Eligibility Virtual Assistant.

What is a Patient Eligibility Verification Virtual Assistant?


Having a patient eligibility verification virtual assistant (VA) on staff can help medical offices and healthcare facilities reduce unpaid services rendered. Having someone on your staff to concentrate on patient eligibility verification increases the percentage of clean claims while leaving you to concentrate on patient care plans. Having a dedicated VA checking patient eligibility also means that someone will always be on top of finding out exactly what each patient’s coverage and responsibilities are before you even see them. This means that your clinic can have fewer denials, increased collections, and better cash flow.

Having a VA concentrate on your patient’s health insurance eligibility can also increase patient satisfaction. With a VA to verify health insurance eligibility beforehand, you can better manage patient expectations from the get-go and reduce nasty surprises for both of you. Not to mention, the improvement in collections your clinic can get from having a patient insurance eligibility verification VA can mean better clinic equipment, and improved service availability all around.

Hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time physical employee is more cost-efficient, and doing this gives you access to a far wider talent pool. With a VA, you don’t need to worry about seating space, office equipment, or employee insurance. It’s also easier to hire a VA for exactly how many hours a week you need their service for instead of having to compromise work hours with a physical employee, despite needing them for less time than they’d like to work. Overall, hiring a patient eligibility verification virtual assistant is more efficient in both cost and operations than a standard in-office employee.

What Tasks Can a Patient Eligibility Verification Virtual Assistant Do for Me?

  • Keep patient records updated. Having all the proper patient information is a requirement to verify health insurance coverage. Your VA can both validate that the information you currently have is up to date and fix your records to reflect the latest information if they’re not.
  • Find out your patient’s insurance coverage. Your VA can check the extent and status of your patients’ insurance policies and find out their plan exclusions making sure your clinic is aware of what will be paid for by the insurance company and what will not.
  • Find out and explain patient responsibility. When your VA goes to check insurance benefits, sometimes it will reveal that your patient is responsible for co-pays or other similar things. Your patient eligibility verification VA can identify these instances and make sure you and your patient know what you need to know.

What Skills and Qualifications Does a Patient Eligibility Verification Virtual Assistant Need to Have?

  • Detail-oriented. Patient eligibility verification VAs have to be meticulous because the smallest mistakes can lead to delayed or invalid payment claims. It has to be second nature for these VAs to patiently check every detail on every form or requirement submitted.
  • Organized. Since patient eligibility verification VAs handle files on every patient, they should be able to keep their files and references in order, so that they can provide complete and accurate information at a moment’s notice.
  • Familiar with HIPAA compliance. Your VA will be privy to a lot of private patient information, and even accidental breaches of HIPAA can cause both the VA and the entire clinic to be in trouble. So, it is very important that your VA is familiar with HIPAA compliance and closely adhere to it.

How Can I Hire a Patient Eligibility Verification Virtual Assistant?

Finding your first patient eligibility verification VA can be overwhelming. True, you have way more options, but that also means that you have wider search parameters. Hiring a company like 20four7VA can help you look for the perfect patient eligibility verification VA without you having to spend hours searching through resumes and interviewing applicants who won’t make the cut.

20four7VA screens only the applicants that best suit your needs, both in qualifications and availability. Apart from pre-screening, they can also conduct initial interviews so that you only need to interview the absolute best of the worldwide pool of VA applicants. They can also help you onboard and monitor your VAs for a seamless, hassle-free VA experience.

To start finding a patient eligibility verification virtual assistant, all you need to do is schedule a zero-obligation pre-consultation call, and 20four7VA will take it from there.

Ready to find a Patient Eligibility Verification Virtual Assistant?

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