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Ensure that your CRM data is well-maintained and accurate with a CRM Data Management Virtual Assistant.

What is CRM Data Management?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM data management is the act of organizing your customer and prospect data to improve your relationships with customers. Customer Relationship Management or CRM and data management are important parts of your business and must never be neglected. Having a good CRM data management system can vastly improve your engagement with potential customers and help you move them along your sales funnel.

Having a good CRM database doesn’t just mean keeping track of customer contact records. A customer name, phone number, and email address are not enough information. A good CRM database management system compiles customer data from many sources, including reports from sales and marketing, customer support, and social media.

Why is CRM Data Management Important?

Having complete, accurate, and organized information on your customers is integral to having a good CRM database. This excellent data quality then increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing team.

With good CRM data management, you are able to really keep track of and know your customers. With it, you can easily pull up things like support message threads, emails, and past purchases and behavior, which can give marketing and sales teams the edge they need to convince customers. This in-depth customer knowledge can make you more relevant to customers, and even help build good long term relationships with them. Your CRM data is what feeds your marketing automation, and the various marketing campaigns your team will build and embark on.

The importance of CRM data management doesn’t end here. It can also help boost your business development. Your CRM database can help your business development managers identify customer needs and patterns for new products, bundles, or revenue streams. It can also help them create better sales and marketing processes, and help identify gaps in your business. With good CRM, your business development team can continue working to ensure you maintain a good product-market fit overall.

What is a CRM Data Management Virtual Assistant?


Since CRM data management is so important to business, it is important to have someone in your team who can make sure your database is comprehensive and accurate. This is a job that takes effort and a considerable amount of time and focus, so managing it personally can be too expensive for a business manager or owner to do.

Hiring a CRM data management virtual assistant is a simple, cost-effective way to maintain a good customer database without breaking the bank. A CRM data management virtual assistant (VA) can deal with all your customer database needs, from data entry to data process improvement. With a good CRM data management virtual assistant, you will understand your customers more, and this understanding is necessary for customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

What Tasks Can a CRM Data Management Virtual Assistant Do?


Despite knowing that every business needs good CRM data management, it might be hard to exactly visualize what tasks a CRM data management virtual assistant can do. Here are just some of the things CRM data management VAs can take off your hands:

  • Data entry. The first step to maintaining a good database is to collect data. A CRM data management VA must gather and input data from different sources into the CRM system of your business.
  • Data cleanup. Having clean data means more accurate reports and insights — a CRM data management VA needs to do tasks related to data cleanup, such as removing duplicate records.
  • Training. As the person in charge of all the information stored in the CRM database, a CRM data management VA must hold training sessions for other team members who need to familiarize themselves with the database system. This way, people in teams like sales, marketing, or business development can pull up simple, relevant information they need quickly, instead of submitting requests for every little thing to the CRM data management VA.
  • Report creation. Of course, the information other teams within the business will need will not always be simple. In these cases, the CRM data management VA must dive into the database and create full and comprehensive data reports that are needed by the business for their various analyses.
  • CRM process improvement. It is not enough for a CRM data management VA to mindlessly list down tasks in a checklist. They need to create and improve their own CRM data entry and deduplication rules to avoid manual data cleaning work, for example. Creating and updating their own data management best practices will ensure that database maintenance will be efficient.

What Skills Do CRM Data Management Virtual Assistants Need to Have?

  • Organized mind. Since they deal with vast amounts of information, they must be very organized and meticulous, so they don’t miss inaccuracies. This will ensure that relevant information can be quickly pulled up when needed.
  • Good communication skills. CRM data management VAs must work closely with the marketing, sales, and business development teams. As such, they need to be able to communicate well with all sorts of people.
  • Problem-solving and logical reasoning. CRM data management VAs will face many errors that need fixing and requests for data sources from other teams. Therefore, they should follow logical threads to look for sources of problems and even possible solutions.
  • Familiarity with CRM software. It will be hard to handle vast amounts of data without dedicated software. CRM data management VAs must handle these kinds of software so that they can do tasks that would be difficult to do without them, like bulk editing, data cleansing, and others.

How Do I Hire a CRM Data Management Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a new team member can be tiring and time-consuming, not to monitor a new virtual employee. Partnering with companies like 20four7VA, who specialize in sourcing, onboarding, and monitoring VAs, can greatly reduce the stress and time spent on these tasks.

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Whether part-time, full time, beginner or expert, companies with good reputations like 20four7VA can help you find the perfect team member.

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