5 Indispensable Social Media Tools for 2017

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Social media has proven to be a very powerful tool in brand awareness and exposure. It has become a powerful marketing tool that helped businesses increase their sales and the number of their loyal customers.

To give you an overview of how your business can utilize social media to be even more successful, check out the top 5 indispensable social media tools for 2017 below.


Facebook can be considered as the king of social media platforms right now. Almost everyone has their own Facebook account; even small and big businesses alike. What’s fascinating about Facebook is that it’s dynamic. They constantly update their platform to provide users with innovative features that shake the social media landscape. For instance, Facebook Live, which enables live broadcasts, can be used for interactive product introduction. This was one of the biggest changes Facebook has recently implemented, and it’s projected to improve together with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Marketplace.


YouTube has launched its own YouTube community.  It has developed from a video sharing website to a video sharing social media platform. This is big for businesses, as consumers can be reached easily through this channel. Its potential is enormous in terms of people sharing your videos, reacting to them and giving their feedback. This is a perfect platform to present or launch your products, or simply market your company’s services.


The biggest feature to further help businesses would be “stories” where you can feature your business or product by sharing pictures or short videos. With millions of users interested to see what “stories” are, this is one strategy that businesses can look into. With Instagram, you can also have influencers introduce your product for their followers to see. They can also react and share the content for their friends to see.


 Twitter has evolved from a place to simply express your feelings to a venue where businesses can make their customer service useful. Businesses have started using Twitter to deal with complaints and provide instant customer service. Customers who are on the go can receive quick responses without spending too much time waiting for someone to pick up the phone or respond thru email. Twitter, with speed as its asset, is perfect for this opportunity. The quick interaction between a company and its customers allows fast resolution and satisfaction.


Pinterest has launched “Promoted Pins” for small and medium businesses alike. This allows businesses to further increase brand and product awareness to current customers and potential customers who may be interested in what you could bring to the table. It provides companies the flexibility to run different marketing campaigns and at the same time, monitor which campaign is doing well and which campaign needs improvement.

These are just some of the social media platforms to look forward to in 2017. To make the most of social media, have your virtual assistant or virtual executive assistant act as your social media manager and take advantage of the tools mentioned above.

These are exciting times for marketing and advertising as different tools and innovations are expected to be launched by different social media platforms that compete with each other.

As these platforms compete, different tools are made to attract businesses to use their services. These innovations have become more daring, effective and helpful in different campaigns in marketing.


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