Startup Basics: Marketing on a budget

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Business startups often have a limited budget. This is understandable. As a business owner, you definitely want every cent to be used properly and every move and decision to be cost-effective. What’s good about saving money is that a low budget doesn’t always mean low quality. Here are some startup basics to consider when your marketing budget is a bit limited.

Blog the right way

 Since content is king, post a compelling blog article. Make it stand out so there’s a chance that it will go viral and spread like wildfire. It can become a foundation for your marketing plan. This is where opportunities open where you can meet and interact with your potential leads, customers, business partners and current customers.

Make use of social media 

Make sure you have a business account when you start your business. You can have your virtual assistant do this for you and then manage your social media accounts afterwards. Social media is one tool that levels the playing field and gives you an opportunity to compete with other businesses that are already established. Increase brand awareness and encourage customer participation with proper social media marketing.

Stream live videos 

Use YouTube or Facebook Live to broadcast live videos to introduce a new product or new service. Start an interactive session to answer real-time questions about your business and product. This brings you closer to your target audience which is one of the many ways you can have a strong connection with your target market. Instructional videos belong to this marketing plan as well. Creating an instructional video shows your concern for consumers who are interested in purchasing your products and for current customers who need to feel that you’re here to help and not just to earn from them.

Online contests 

Running online contests is one marketing strategy that can help promote your business and promote awareness. Make your contests’ mechanics benefit your company itself. For example, have a logo making contest. Once a design is chosen, you can use it for your business and the winner receives a package from you. These are many strategies you can use to benefit enormously from this opportunity.

Email marketing 

Everybody opens their email messages, so take advantage of this opportunity. Conducting a compelling and effective email marketing plan can lead to an increase in sales. This is also an opportunity to gather new markets and maintain loyal customers to sustain your business’ existence, growth, and success.

Make use of infographics 

Make entertaining and educational infographics. An attractive campaign quickly lets you get the message across and at the same time, you get to have new customers. This is also one way to get backlinks to your blogs and website. You can hire graphic designers from virtual assistant companies to do the job for you. Professional virtual admins who are skilled in the field.

Sponsor an event 

Be it an online or an offline event, sponsoring an event gets your business the exposure it needs to boost brand awareness and customer connection. This is another way to reach out to potential partners and customers to give your business a chance. If it becomes successful, you can get invited numerous times to sponsor events.

These are cost-effective marketing ideas for your startup business that can help you boost customer relations, brand awareness and increase sales and revenue. You don’t have to spend tons of money to have an effective marketing campaign. All you need are the proper people and sound strategies.

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