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Social media has thrown open the doors of communication so that virtually anyone can share their two cents’ worth about any topic. While this has many advantages, it also brings with it easier dissemination of fabricated stories and bolder cyber bullies.

For businesses, this means being easy prey for bashers or trolls. There are also instances when customers have legitimate reasons to complain but in the heat of the moment, they turn to social channels to vent out their frustrations. When their posts get picked up and shared by other users, the whole thing can swiftly be blown out of proportion and the company it targets is left to deal with the damage done.

Luckily, all this can be avoided if you have a set of precautionary measures and damage control plans in place. Some businesses hire a virtual secretary to take care of administrative duties including reputation management.

There are tools that you and your reputation management team can use to manage your standing in social networking sites. Here are some of them:

Complaint Search Box

This aptly named tool allows companies a specialized form of Google search on more than forty complaint websites. It is the go-to site of companies who want to run a quick check on what negative feedback customers may have about their services.

Reputation Defender

Another reputation manager that is fittingly named, Reputation Defender helps its clients to maintain a dignified stance in the digital world. This tool promises to remove critical reviews, malicious blogs, and outdated news writings.

Profile Builder

It is hard enough to build a base of followers on social media without trolls posting scathing remarks on your channels. This is why Profile Builder helps companies present their businesses in the best possible light.


It is hard to keep track of tags and mentions when there is a wide array of blogging platforms online. Keotag helps its users to easily search for tags across various blog search engines to keep them aware of what others have to say about their brand.


Social influence and online reputation go hand in hand. This is something that the makers of Naymz understand; that’s why this tool is all about social influence monitoring. This special monitoring tool helps users to listen in on how people react to their brand. It also shows companies how they rank to the social community to help them improve their service.

Google Alerts

Who could be more knowledgeable in the digital realm than Google? Google Alerts is the brainchild of the search engine giant to help businesses be on the lookout about their reputation online. Google Alerts, as its name indicates, signals users when the keywords they set up are mentioned anywhere in the vast Google network. Because it is free and easy to use, it has become a favorite of startups and small businesses.

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to get an untarnished name online when anyone can make up stories and malicious reviews about your business. That is why you need all the help you can get to manage your reputation. These tools are your first line of defense against cyber-attacks.



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