Best Relaxation Apps for Busy Managers

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For managers and business owners alike, stress and anxiety are common occurrences. In the digital age, one way to relieve stress and anxiety is through some of the different relaxation apps available online. These apps were specifically created to provide relief, entertainment, and relaxation to its users. Here are the best relaxation apps for busy managers to help them get through the day.


Omvana is a free app that includes optional purchases for audio tracks that help soothe the mind. Considered by some as the life coach of meditation apps and websites, it not only relaxes you while you meditate. It also helps to sharpen your mind so you’ll be more focused on your upcoming projects. This is useful for goal-oriented managers who would like to take a break for a while to feel reenergized and more focused on the task at hand.


As the name of the app implies, the goal is to get you in a calm and relaxed state. It’s a subscription-based app that helps reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed. Musical tracks provide different targets for your well-being. You can choose from different tracks that target good sleep, focus, relaxation, and calmness. If you want additional tracks in your library, you’ll need to make in-app purchases. Surely you won’t mind spending a few bucks to feel bliss?

Buddhify 2

It’s the meditation app built for the urban life. The app is designed to help you feel focused and relaxed while you walk, commute; go to the gym or just stay at home. A perfect fit for the busy and active managers who reside and work in the urban jungle.

The Mindfulness App

It’s designed to provide you with 5-day meditation “sessions” to help you get attuned to your daily or weekly goals. Sessions last from 3 to 30 minutes, and these sessions are customizable and adaptable to your specific needs.


It provides the user with 10 daily guided meditation sessions that they can use to relax. Don’t have any internet access where you’re going? It’s not going to be a problem as you can download the meditation sessions so you can use them offline. This is pretty useful if you want to spend the weekend in the woods or the mountains without any Wi-Fi signal. This can be your companion while you relax and meditate. It also features dedicated sessions targeting different areas you want to focus on like stress, eating, sleeping, walking and mindfulness.


Feeling relaxed yet? This app is designed to guide you with breathing. These breathing exercises are focused on helping you manage stressful situations. It also guides you on how to keep calm and control your anger and anxiety.

These are some of the apps available in the Appstore and Google Playstore that busy managers can access and download. Keeping yourself relaxed and calm is very important. It helps you be more focused on upcoming projects and allows you to get rid of unnecessary stress.  All these apps are just waiting to be downloaded and tried, so give each of them a go and see what fits best with your mood and your lifestyle.


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