7 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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Running your email marketing campaign properly can do wonders for your business. It boosts brand awareness, customer engagement, sales and revenues. To maximize the potential of this effective marketing strategy, here are 7 email marketing tips for small business owners.

Set your goals

Before running your email marketing strategy, you’ll need to ask yourself and your email marketing managers what the main purpose of your emails would be. This sets the tone on the kind of emails you’ll be sending out to potential customers. Your emails should have a specific purpose. Don’t send out emails that discuss different things at the same time. This will just distract your readers from what you really want them to do for you.

Make things easy

As much as possible, you want your readers to engage with your emails positively. One way to achieve this is to make it easy for them to respond. Avoid asking for too much information. Remember, your potential customers may be reading your messages from their mobile gadgets while walking or  getting some coffee. It would be easier for them to type in their email address and click a button that says “Register.” That’s the easiest way to get them on your lists and participate in your call-to-action initiatives.

Provide benefits

“What’s in it for me?” This is probably one of the questions they’ll ask when they receive your email. Make sure that they get something out of your email. Properly state what benefits they would be getting once they register or click the links you provided in your email. It’s one way to attract readers to register and participate so they could eventually become leads. When you deliver what you promise, you boost customer trust.

Send relevant information

Sending information or material that your readers need will keep them interested. Don’t send out useless information just to get their attention. If they find the information you sent irrelevant, they might not bother to register or worse, they’ll never open an email from you again. Ensure that you provide materials that are aligned to their interests.

Make your emails mobile-friendly.

Most emails nowadays are read through mobile devices, so ensure that your messages are optimized for mobile viewing. Before sending out messages for your email campaign, make sure that they’ve been tested on every major mobile device available in the market today. You don’t want to lose out on any chance to gather leads and other business opportunities.

Include your social media profiles

Social media is undeniably powerful. This is why it’s good practice to include social media buttons in your email messages. They can also easily share the content you’ve shared with them, boosting the reach of your business.

Test and experiment

Keep an eye on the results of your email’s open and click-through rates. Test different subject lines, layouts and approaches in your email. This allows you to get out the most effective email message for your target market. Never be afraid to experiment. Use the data that you’ll gather to improve on your email marketing campaign.

It’s essential for every business to run an email marketing campaign. Business owners should be aware of its great potential. Work together with your virtual assistant or virtual secretary to come up with an effective email marketing plan that your business should execute. You may also need all the office support available as this will have a huge impact on your business’ growth. Continuously improving and perfecting the key elements of your marketing campaign will eventually boost the number of leads and increase sales and revenue, pushing your business to the next level.


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