30 Tasks for Your Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

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30 Tasks for Your Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

People have a tendency for partiality when processing visual information. A report has revealed that 90% of transmitted information in the brain is visual. From a business perspective, this means that companies that include visual content in their campaigns are more likely to elicit a better response than those who don’t. While it is logical to hire the best graphic designer you can find no matter what the cost, it’s not viable for many brands.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers make $50,370 every year on average. For many businesses, the average price that designers charge may be out of their financial plan. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean settling with substandard output or going over your budget. All you need is a graphic designer virtual assistant (VA).

Why You Should Consider Virtual Assistant Graphic Design Services

Companies usually have three (3) ways of dealing with a new task:

  1. Hire a new employee.
  2. Delegate to an existing one.
  3. Have the owner deal with the task in question.

For small-midsize brands, the chosen solution is usually B and C. These choices may be more practical and frugal at first, but their long-term repercussions may not be the best. For one thing, having specialized tasks, such as graphic design, done by non-experts will likely lead to substandard output. Also, handing over a task to someone with no proper training or experience can decrease productivity and affect the dynamics of the team.

The next better solution, therefore, is to hire someone with proper graphic design skills and training. This is where virtual assistance fits the bill. It solves the dilemma of hiring the best person for the job and spending a significant chunk of your funds versus saving money and getting substandard output.

With a virtual assistant, graphics are still done by experts at a cost that even startups or solopreneurs can afford. Here’s a quick article on why it’s best to get virtual assistant services for graphic design through a virtual staffing company.

How Design Can Affect the Buying Process

how design affects buying process - 20four7va

  • 85% of consumers claim colors influenced their purchase decision (Design Crowd)
  • 65% of people are visual learners (Managing Americans)
  • 40% of people show a stronger response to visuals (Studio C)
  • 50 milliseconds are all it takes to make a visual appeal (Pro Blogger)

These findings merely scratch the surface when it comes to the influence of design in business. Check out these ways design can make a difference in your brand:

  • It can make or break a customer’s trust.

    Imagine visiting a website laden with links, misaligned graphics, or colors and fonts that don’t go together. It doesn’t matter if the rates offered are lower compared to others or if the content is informative. The first impression would almost always be that you stumbled upon a brand that isn’t even worth reading through.

  • It can change the entire customer experience.

    Author Malcolm Gladwell discusses how changes in product packaging can alter a customer’s experience, even if the content remains the same. In his book, Blink, Gladwell cited a study by marketing research company Check-ins. The study mentioned that when the packaging for 7UP was tweaked to have 15% more yellow, people claimed the drink had a stronger lime or lemon flavor, even if the formula stayed the same.

  • It can present information better.

    Today’s products are becoming more and more complex. To help customers understand a product better, you need to break down product information with graphics. This is what makes infographics so effective. Infographics can turn a lengthy and technical piece of information into bits of data that are easy to digest and remember.

  • It can make you stand out.

    With the type of marketing and selling platforms available today, a small business can definitely beat bigger competitors. Strategic graphic design can help you with this. Great design can make your brand stand out, your campaigns are more memorable, and your products more enticing.

  • It can create a lasting impression.

    It only takes 50 milliseconds for people to make an impression of your brand. That’s 1/20th of a second! This is too short a time to tell customers something. The best way to grab their attention is through good design.


Working with a Virtual Assistant: Graphic Design Tasks to Outsource

Now that the importance of design and the convenience of working with a VA have been established, it’s time to determine the specific design tasks you can outsource. It pays to know the different types of graphic design tasks so you can identify what projects to prioritize or can complement your campaigns.

Here are 30 tasks you can outsource to a graphic designer virtual assistant:

30 tasks you can outsource to a graphic designer virtual assistant - 20four7va

1. Brand Identity Graphics

Brand identity consists of the visual elements that represent an organization. A company can set the tone of how it communicates with its audience and build its individuality through brand identity graphics. This includes the colour palettes, shapes, typography and images that a brand uses.

Brand identity graphics are regularly displayed in both print and digital media of the company. Consistent use of these visuals familiarizes a brand to people.

2. Logos

A logo is another basic graphic element that every business should have. World-renowned brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, and Starbucks have high-quality logos because theirs are so easily recognizable. Often, these brands need not have their complete business names sprawled across their products, stores, or media – their logos are enough to spark recognition.

As a visual representation of your brand, your company vision, philosophy, and mission should all be evident or signified in your logo design. Confer with a graphic specialist to determine how best to put all these in one unified symbol.

3. Social Media Visuals

Every social platform is unique, including the layout by which content is displayed. While your posts across all platforms should be consistent, you must ensure that the visuals are sized appropriately for every channel. Here’s a social media cheat sheet that shows the ideal dimensions for each social channel.

Different types of audiences use social media for different reasons. For example, Pinterest is a great avenue if your target market is women. As Pinterest users source through the site for research, make sure that you are posting content with both aesthetic and repeat value.

4. Website Design or Blog Graphics

Good blogs and websites utilize graphics to break textual content. The better ones incorporate graphics as part of the overall content strategy to convey a message more effectively. The best blogs and websites, however, use graphics that complement the entire site rather than a single post.

If you have a content team – or are planning to build one – make sure that it includes a graphic designer. Your writer and graphic designer must work hand in hand to create a cohesive content that goes with the tone of your blog.

5. Infographics

In the age of social media, and instant messaging apps, people seem to have shorter attention span. How do you educate or inform an audience without them losing focus? Use infographics.

These visuals can be both marketing tools and educational sources. Because people can easily be attracted to and remember visual content, it’s best to use infographics for disseminating an otherwise lengthy information.

6. Print or Digital Brochures

Hosting an event? Launching a new product? Pitching to investors? Whether you are inviting customers or possible business partners, handing out brochures is a classic way of doing it.

Brochures are a tried and tested way of distributing information for multiple purposes. Make sure yours entice excitement and impart important details at the same time through an expertly designed brochure.

7. Flyers

When it comes to advertising to wide audiences or posting information in public places, flyers are the popular medium. Through a flyer, you can include your logo, business name, contact details, and content body. You can draw attention to ongoing sales, upcoming events, or product launches by handing out or posting flyers. While these are normally given to a random audience, flyers must still show graphics or elements consistent to your brand.

8. eBook Design

eBooks are a great way to share your expertise or establish authority in your line of business. Publishing an eBook is also a smart way to repurpose content or elaborate more on topics that resonate the most with your audience.

Because this is a more extensive read compared to your other digital posts, eBook layouts must be designed carefully. The cover and page design must also be fetching and relevant to the content. You need the expert eye of a graphic designer to achieve this.

9. Email Templates and Graphics

Even in the age of social media and instant messaging, there are still many people who favor email. In fact, 77% of consumers would rather receive promotional messages through email instead of on social media.

For more impact, it’s important to keep your messages clean and easy on the eyes. Having a good layout and excellent graphics is vital for this. Here are other keys to email marketing success.

10. PowerPoint Presentations

Pitching your plan through a PowerPoint presentation? A graphic designer VA can help you organize ideas better and make your proposal more dynamic. The visual input of a designer helps the audience absorb information better. Besides, showing up with a tasteful PowerPoint presentation exudes confidence and enthusiasm in what you have to offer.

11. Vehicle Wraps

Wrap advertising involves partially or completely wrapping a vehicle with promotional materials. Vehicle wraps, therefore, can be construed as mobile billboards and must be designed by experts. It’s a cool and fun way to promote your brand. Since they’re mobile, choose vehicle wraps that turn heads and leave people wanting to know more.

12. Signages

An important, long-standing component of business, signages can be used as marketing and instructional tools. Outdoor signages draw attention to your establishment and help people locate your shop faster. Indoor ones can point customers to merchandise or tell them about promotions. These important business tools, therefore, must be designed by graphic specialists to ensure that they stand out.

13. Magazine Ads

Magazine ads have great potential to impart powerful messages. Because the spread is high-definition and rich in color, magazine advertising can definitely leave an impact. Have a graphic designer help in the conceptualization and execution of the output to ensure you a good return on your investment.

14. eCommerce Page Design

Shopify and WordPress are home to thousands of business websites, many of which share the same niche. The key to standing out from the competition is having a strategic page design. Collaborate with your graphic designer VA and web developer to structure a user-friendly, competition-ready shopping page.

15. App Design

Having your own app is game-changing. If you’re planning on developing one, make sure to optimize by having it designed by a professional graphic designer. From the theme to the layout and visuals, your app must embody and boost your brand while engaging users.

16. Game Interface

Integrating games in your app or website is a great way to keep users coming back. Of course, it can be tricky to design a game that’s as easy to use as it is exciting. It must have the expert output of a graphic designer to take off and be a powerful business asset.

17. Print or Digital Newsletters and Magazines

Publishing a print or digital newsletter or magazine keeps customers updated with your brand. You can display seasonal collections, publish company news, share advocacies or helpful articles, or give a tribute to a customer or staff.

18. Annual Reports

Getting together with members of your company to go over yearly reports can be daunting. Poring over and analyzing important figures can also be mind-numbing. Lessen the stress and make the process livelier by drafting annual reports with relevant images and clean layouts.

19. Books

Are you an industry expert? Perhaps you’re ready to write and publish the book idea you’ve been mulling about for years. Graphic designers are an asset in book publications. They have the eye to create a visual representation of a book that intrigues a reader’s fancy.

20. Product Packaging

The packaging does more than just protect a product or show product information. They have the power to affect a customer’s purchase decision. Make your products stand out by working with a graphic designer on the packaging.

Experienced graphic designers also know the ins and outs of print and understand how manufacturing or industrial design work. They can help you choose the best materials for your product covers or labels.

21. Animated Logos

Logos have an inherent power to draw eyes and grab attention; animating them takes it to the next level! Create more exciting visuals to your brand by having your graphic designer VA create animated logos. Whether they bounces, spins, folds, or warps, animated logos can be a hit.

22. GIFs

Messaging has been made more expressive and impactful through GIFs. If you want to get more social media likes and shares, or if you want your message to hit home hard, incorporate GIFs to your content. Work with a graphic designer virtual assistant to get your GIF game moving.

23. Memes

Memes are a whole different element of the millennial and Gen X generations. Shared constantly across multiple platforms, memes can be a game-changer in branding and advertising. A graphic design VA can wield the power of design to curate a shareable, winning meme.

24. Wall Murals

Decorating an office or sprucing up a store can be tricky – at least for non-experts. You need to strike a balance between meaningful and clear-cut. By working with a virtual assistant graphic design expert, you can conceptualize and achieve appropriate wall murals for any space.

25. Conference Spaces

Industry conferences can be exciting but stressful. Start off on the right foot by having your designated space designed by a graphic specialist. Having a clever design would boost your brand, attract people, and uplift the ambiance of your space.

26. Retail Shop Interiors

For modern-day businesses, both digital and physical stores must have unified elements and equally inviting ambiance. Have your VA construct and design landmarks, strategic signages, and visual cues or displays that complement your branding identity and help customers at the same time.

27. Videos

Whether you are creating a promotional video or short clips to be posted on Instagram or Facebook, your video content must be done in style and strategy. It must be done with a graphic designer’s input. Some people are more inclined to watch a video than read an entire blog post. Stop them from their tracks – or news feed scroll – by posting professional-looking and interesting videos.

28. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are bits of digital footage or animation sometimes combined with sounds. As its name implies, motion graphics create an impression of movement or rotation. Today, they are often used in business for storytelling or advertising. As this is highly technical work, creating motion graphics is best left for graphic design experts.

29. Technical Illustration

Creating a user manual or incorporating product and usage design in your eBook or other publications can be tricky. You need to convey technical knowledge in a way that is accurate but easy for the reader to grasp. Work with your VA to drive your points more articulately by using technical illustrations.

30. T-Shirt Design

Specially designed shirts for your brand never go out of style. You can design shirts for your staff to wear or you can have them made for guests on events. You can give away shirts to long-time customers on special occasions or as rewards in social media contests. Whichever way you use them, have your T-shirts designed by a graphic designer so users will enjoy wearing them.

Hiring a graphic designer virtual assistant is one of the best investments you can make. Out of these 30 tasks that you can outsource to a graphic design VA, which ones are you most excited to work on?

If you’re looking to hire a graphic design VA, fill out this form to schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation with us!

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