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When a taco truck owner’s daughter found out about her father’s struggling business, she knew she had to do something to help. On September 13, 2020, 21-year-old Giselle Aviles reached out through X (formerly Twitter) in the hopes of boosting her father’s sales, which drastically plummeted in the wake of COVID-19. The evening after her tweet, Aviles’ plea on Twitter has already earned thousands of retweets. When her father came to open his food truck two days later, a long queue of customers was already waiting. *What’s even more incredible is the fact that Aviles’ story isn’t the only one of its kind. Twitter statistics reveal how powerful of a business tool the social network can become.


8 Surprising X / Twitter Statistics You Need to Know


8 Surprising Twitter Statistics You Need to Know in 2020


  1. Tweets can reach up to 1.6 billion people.

    The latest statistics of Twitter users indicate that the platform only has 336 million active monthly users. (Source). And yet, Tweets can reach up to 1.6 billion people, thanks to third-party channels such as Google Search (Source). This finding only highlights the fact that Twitter influence can be way bigger than its user base.

  2. 93% of Twitter users who follow a small-medium business in the platform have an intent to purchase.

    Social media marketing should be done with a well-thought-out plan, especially on a platform with as intentional a user base as Twitter. According to a collaborative study by Twitter and Research Now, 93% of users intend to buy from the small and medium-size businesses they follow on the social channel, whereas 69% admit their purchase decisions have been influenced by a Tweet. (Source)

    8 Surprising Twitter Statistics You Need to Know in 2020_02

  3. 70% of users don’t find Twitter videos invasive.

    Digital advertising is constantly changing, but some statistics for Twitter users come as good news for businesses. Before, brands have to be cautious and strategic when placing video ads, as many consumers find them intrusive. Today, people don’t find video ads as annoying, with some even regarding them as informative — at least on Twitter. A Magna IPD Media study revealed that 70% of Twitter users don’t think video ads are pushy, with some respondents even tagging them as useful. (Source)

  4. First View video ads on Twitter can pull up to 141% recall and +18% brand awareness.

    Twitter video ads aren’t only welcome, they are also a powerful marketing vehicle. A separate report shows that First View ads can generate up to 141% of Tweet recall, over 18% brand awareness, and over 13% purchase intent. First View gives businesses the top ad slot on Twitter for 24 hours. This placement allows content to be seen when users first open the app, which is when they are more receptive. (Source).

    8 Surprising Twitter Statistics You Need to Know in 2020_02

  5. 92% of brands Tweet more than once daily.

    One tried and tested marketing strategy is knowing what your competitors are up to. 92% of brands Tweet once per day, while 42% claim they publish 1-5 Tweets daily. So, whether you utilize Twitter or not, it influences your business and audience reach. (Source)

  6. Over 85% of users believe Promoted Accounts are useful in discovering new brands.

    Twitter features Promoted Accounts to help users find profiles that they don’t currently follow but might find interesting. These accounts are placed in different locations across the network, from the Who to Follow section to the search results, and even the timelines of the targeted audience. According to a survey, 85.4% of Twitter users found Promoted Accounts helpful in discovering new brands and 68% have followed a small or medium business after finding them from Promoted Accounts. (Source)

    8 Surprising Twitter Statistics You Need to Know in 2020_02

  7. 79% of Twitter users are international accounts, most of whom are tagged as affluent millennials.

    23% of adult internet users are active on Twitter, many of whom are using the platform to discover something new. If your target audience for business is the millennial group, know that you can find them active on Twitter. In fact, statistics of Twitter users reveal that 80% are affluent millennials. Planning to expand your brand reach to international customers? Twitter can help you build global influence, thanks to its expansive reach across the globe. (Source)

  8. Twitter users are more receptive to ads compared to users of other platforms.

    Ads placed on Twitter are viewed 13% longer than ads on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter ads are also +28% more memorable and +23% more emotionally stimulating compared to ads on other social media networks. These figures prove how people are more easily swayed by promotional content on Twitter. (Source)

How a Social Media VA Can Help You Make The Best Use of Twitter

How a Social Media VA Can Help You Make The Best Use of Twitter

Knowing these free Twitter statistics is one thing; putting them to good use is another. Hiring a social media virtual assistant (VA) is the best, and perhaps the quickest, way to use these Twitter findings to your business advantage.

Here’s how a social media VA can help you build and grow your brand influence through Twitter:

1. Account Setup and Management

New to Twitter? Everyone starts off somewhere. A social media VA will make sure you start off the right track. Your VA can do the following tasks to get the ball rolling in the right direction:

  • Sign up for a Twitter for Business account or switch your personal account to Business.
  • Link your account to other platforms like email and Hootsuite.
  • Key in profile information, upload a profile and heading photos and link your website.
  • Create a schedule for postings and update your marketing calendar.
  • Follow pages including prospects, potential brand ambassadors, and partners.
  • Ensure that your Twitter profile coincides with your overall brand identity. For example, Tweets have the same tone as other brand communications and media show the same brand colours.

2. Content Creation

Building a profile that stands out is your ticket to creating an influence on Twitter. Content creation starts from using a handle that is relevant to your business to composing witty updates that can fit a 140-280 character limit. Here’s how a social media VA can help with Twitter content creation:

  • Create Tweets dedicated to your buyer persona.
  • Create media (image or video) to go with Tweets.
  • Source free or paid media creation tools and ensure Tweets have the appropriate dimensions or picture elements.
  • Work with the marketing team to curate campaigns for Twitter users.
  • Source Trends for content ideas.

3. Marketing

Twitter is a goldmine for sales and advertising if statistics on Twitter usage are any indication. These are some of the ways a social media VA can tap into Twitter’s marketing potential:

  • Link your blog or e-commerce website to Tweets.
  • Create Twitter hype for an upcoming promotion or event.
  • Create digital events for customers or followers.
  • Offer incentives to Retweets or followers.
  • Reach out to potential brand influencers and oversee partnerships or communications.
  • Setup paid ads through Promoted Tweets or Twitter ads. Your social media VA can choose the campaign type and target ads based on gender, language, location, and even type of device.
  • Repurpose high-engagement content from other platforms into Tweets.
  • Incorporate calls to action into Tweets. Some recommended calls to action to add to Tweets included Learn More, Visit Us, or Download.
  • Use hashtags wisely. Twitter is popular for using hashtags. When used for business, these social media tools can be tricky. Your social media VA can research, test, and monitor which hashtags are best for your brand.
  • Research and setup third-party tools to consolidate content publishing, improve the content design, and monitor campaign results

4. Customer Care

Twitter users have an intent to purchase. This intent can sometimes manifest into contacting a brand. Provide customer service through Twitter by delegating the following tasks to your VA:

  • Respond to direct messages and Tweets.
  • Handle complaints or answer questions in a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours.
  • Retweet content from users that feature your products or mention your brand.
  • Tweet birthday wishes or seasonal greetings to followers.
  • Use Twitter polls to interact with the audience and learn more about customers.
  • Link customers to helpful resources. For example, a How-To article on your blog or a direct link to purchase a specific product.

5. Analytics

From Tweet and video activity dashboard to conversion tracking, Twitter offers many analytics tools to help businesses get the best data out of their campaigns. Your social media VA can help you optimize Twitter analytics through:

  • Creating customer feedback forms through Customer Feedback Cards.
  • Monitor impressions, engagement rate, or CPRs through campaign dashboard.
  • Create reports to share to the entire team for a consolidated marketing plan.
  • Monitor and create reports for paid ads results.
  • Create or develop plans to grow your audience and influence.


Final Thoughts

Twitter is a powerful tool that when used the right way, can put a small business on the map. These Twitter marketing statistics highlight the social network’s influence over its users, even amidst the economic strife created by the pandemic.

Hire a social media virtual assistant from 20four7VA to create and maximize your brand presence, provide customer care, setup and push organic and paid campaigns, and strategize your performance on Twitter.


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