35+ Free Online Business Courses Worth Taking in 2021

As a home-based virtual assistant (VA), you might be thinking that there’s no reason for you to take any online business courses (free or not) to do your job. After all, taking those [...]


Top Virtual Assistant Tools 101 (Part 7): Cybersecurity and Data Security System Tools

  Having a virtual assistant (VA) can be life-changing. But working with anyone remotely does carry some risks, especially if you don’t have data security system policies set up. For [...]


Virtual Assistant Contract: Why You Need One (Plus A Free Template!)

  Many virtual assistants (VAs) are first-time entrepreneurs, and as a result, they often forget to treat the client-VA relationship as a business transaction, one that requires a virtual [...]


VA Tips: 15+ Free (and Awesome!) Stock Photo Websites

  Looking for reliable stock photo websites is one of the biggest challenges content writers, social media managers, and website editors face. Humans are visual creatures, and images help [...]


How to Become a Personal Assistant

  More than ever, a work-from-home job arrangement is the most convenient and safest option — at least for jobs that can be done remotely. With this kind of work arrangement, you only need a [...]

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