Outsourcing Remote Work: History, Evolution, and Outlook

Outsourcing has become so prevalent that it’s hard to imagine a world without it. And yet it wasn’t even considered a viable business strategy until the 1980s and didn’t become commonplace until [...]


What is a Healthcare Virtual Assistant?


15 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when they Hire a Virtual Assistant

Now that the world is better connected than ever, business owners no longer have to limit themselves to one location when looking for qualified talent. As a result, virtual assistant (VA) [...]


How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Table of Contents Types of Virtual Assistants Administrative Virtual Assistants eCommerce Virtual Assistants Specialist Virtual Assistants Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant How Much Does a [...]


Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

There has been a lot of talk in the business world lately about the perks of hiring a virtual assistant, but many business owners are still hesitant to try it out. Trying anything new can be [...]

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