7 Essential Podcasts for Every Virtual Worker

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Podcasts are some of the best sources of information available. As a virtual assistant who spends most of their time online, it’s definitely helpful to listen to a podcast or two to help you become better at your job. There are plenty of podcasts out there that discuss VA-related topics ranging from how to become a virtual assistant, tips for better writing for a content writer VA, or how to manage social pages better for a social media VA.

Want to know which podcasts to tune into? Without further ado, here are 7 essential podcasts for every virtual worker.

Systems Saved Me

If you want to reach your full potential as a virtual assistant, you have to know how to utilize systems to your advantage. Great usage of systems can help you become more efficient and productive, so you’ll get to earn more! If you’re getting overwhelmed by your workload, they also have plenty of tips on how to use systems to combat that.

Virtual Assistant Podcast

Although the Virtual Assistant Podcast is just an archive of old podcasts about the virtual assistant industry, it’s still worth listening to. It can be a treasure trove of information about how the VA industry started to rise and became acknowledged as a viable source of skills and people. It definitely offers excellent insight about how the VA world as we know it today came to be.

The Cliff Ravenscraft Show

Cliff Ravenscraft is a business mentor and life coach who aims to take your business and life to the next level. Although his podcast mainly caters to entrepreneurs, it’s also great at providing lessons for VAs. After all, his tips about business, productivity, efficiency, and success really applies to most of us in the VA industry!

Being Boss

Being Boss is another podcast that’s geared chiefly towards creative entrepreneurs, but the tips and topics they discuss are also pretty useful for virtual assistants. Come to think of it, many VAs are freelancers, and working as a freelancer means being your own boss! Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, “business besties,” talk about a wide range of topics that revolve around how to keep your business up and how to be a boss at life.


The goal of FreedomMakers is to help small business owners and military families deal with the struggles of having and managing a small business, but their podcasts provide plenty of useful information for VAs as well. From tips about enhancing productivity to the importance of living by your own rules, they give lots of useful advice that can help you become a better VA and a better worker in general.

The Rise To The Top with David Siteman Garland

David Siteman Garland’s podcast is all about helping people sell digital products and programs online. As someone who sells their services online, any virtual assistant will definitely benefit from listening to this podcast.

Lose the Cape

If you’re a busy working mom, this podcast is for you! Lose the Cape is all about helping all moms by making things easier, helping them work more efficiently, and providing them with tools that will allow them to succeed in whatever endeavor they’re working on.

These podcasts are just a few of the hundreds or even thousands of podcasts out there that can be useful for VAs. Check them out for yourself, and try to explore other great ones as you go.

Have you been listening to a podcast lately? Share your favorite VA-related podcasts below!


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