Stay Productive While Tired At Work With These Proven Methods

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Stay Productive While Tired At Work With These Proven MethodsBeing required to work after a rough night is inevitable even as a virtual assistant. At one point or another, you’ll have to finish a task even though you’re feeling incredibly tired or sleep. As a home-based virtual assistant, you might even find it more difficult to stay productive while tired because it’s so easy to just go back to your bed and snooze the day away.

If you need to stay awake, alert, and active even though you’re absolutely exhausted, check out these proven methods on how to stay productive while tired at work.

Take a short break or a power nap.

It might sound counterproductive, but taking a short break from your task can work wonders for your concentration and efficiency. A 20-minute nap can give you a massive boost of much-needed energy enough to get you through the rest of workday. Just don’t forget to set the alarm! You don’t want to sleep the day away.

Stay caffeinated.

Relying on coffee to stay alert every single day can be unhealthy, but it certainly works when you’re super tired and just need something to help you finish the job. Caffeine has been proven to improve attentiveness and problem-solving skills, so hit up the coffee machine next time you’re feeling sluggish. But don’t overdo it or you might be facing a sleepless night and end up prolonging your exhaustion.

Get an endorphin boost with exercise.

The endorphins released during a workout can really wake you up, so if you’re losing the battle with sleep, do some sit-ups or push-ups. You can also go for a quick jog or walk around the block if you want a change of scenery. Even a little stretching can reduce your fatigue and improve your concentration.

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Break down your task and make a checklist.

Thinking of completing one big task can be daunting, but if you break it down into smaller, more achievable goals, you might end up steadily working your way through your end goal. Set some actionable objectives that you can tick off as you work towards the finish line; you’ll feel more accomplished and ready to take on the next step that way.

Get rid of distractions.

If you have to finish something up when your concentration is already compromised due to exhaustion, you have to work hard to keep whatever focus you have left to give. Stow your phone away, go far away from the television and block your social media access until you finish your tasks.

Work standing up.

It’s very difficult to sleep standing up, so working while standing can definitely help you fight drowsiness. Studies have also suggested that working while standing up contributes to your alertness and task engagement, so you’re better equipped to finish your duties. On top of that, you burn more calories standing up, so you’re getting some physical benefits as well.

After following these tips and completing your workday, make sure that you follow this final tip: get some well-deserved rest so that you don’t have to face the same battle the following day!



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