10 Shopify Tips and Tricks

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Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce solutions that allows businesses to manage and sell their goods online. It’s a tool that can be used by small and big businesses alike. If you’re interested in boosting sales and maximizing Shopify’s features, here are 10 Shopify Tips and Tricks to help you increase business sales.

Know what to sell

You should determine first if the item you want to sell is allowed in Shopify. Don’t worry, Shopify’s sitemap has got this covered for you. In the sitemap, you can gather information on items you’re allowed to manage and sell online.

Pricing plan

Study your business and check and see what pricing plan is perfect for your business model. You can also check the different features you want to use that come with the different pricing plans Shopify has to offer. You can weigh it out and decide on which plan your business should use to sell goods.

Customized design

It would be better to have a customized design of your Shopify store. You can choose the different themes available and edit them. If you don’t have time to do this, you can outsource this task and hire a virtual assistant or a virtual admin from virtual assistant companies that will provide you with skillful professionals who are competent in the field of designing Shopify stores. This would give you time to focus on other things while they design your page for you.

Get your domain name right

Do your research and decide on a domain name that will fit your business and the products you will sell. Your domain name should also be the same as your business name to avoid confusion and to easily promote your business and products.

Choose payment methods

Choose from a wide variety of payment methods that Shopify supports. Don’t just stick with Shopify Payments. Carefully pick out a third party payment option, be it PayPal, Google Wallet or Amazon payments. Make sure that it is convenient for your business and for your customers.

Google Analytics

Make use of this tool to properly monitor how your business and sales are doing. Are they visible to the public? What keywords should you use to generate more traffic? These are a few things to consider to increase traffic and brand awareness.


Before opening your store for everyone to view and shop, make sure that you have made enough tests to see if there are any bugs and glitches. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, if you see that there’s something that bothers you or that something’s amiss with your website, take note of it and make revisions and improvements in areas you think you need to edit.

Use premiums apps

Shopify offers premium apps to help make managing, selling, reporting, and marketing easier for your business. Choose apps you think your business needs and maximize what it has to offer.

Social media

Integrate your social media account with your Shopify store and vice versa. Since you want to get more people to visit your Shopify store, sharing it on your various social media accounts would be a wise move.

Offer Affiliate programs

If you want to have added exposure, you can offer affiliate programs to your customers. You can have your customers refer your products and business and at the same time, track the progress of their activities.

Here are just a few tips on how your business can make the most out of Shopify. The general rule is to research, learn and experiment and see what apps, tools, and strategies would best fit your business plan and marketing strategies. With the proper people and choices, your business is bound to grow and succeed.

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