Email Marketing 101: Words You Should Never Use in Your Subject Line

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First impressions last. This is why the words you use in your email’s subject line should not be taken for granted. A subject line can either make or break the message. There’s a thin line between opening an email and simply discarding it. To ensure that your email won’t go to waste, here are some words you should never use in your subject line.


Never use all caps when writing your subject line. It’s like shouting in the internet world. Reading all caps texts are also uncomfortable; it may push your reader to not even bother opening your message.


As good as it may sound, using “Free” may trigger spam filters. Avoid using this word as it would put your email to waste.

“Fast cash” and “Make money fast” 

These are words that are likely going to be marked as spam. Avoid including them in your subject lines. You don’t want your emails to be marked as spam or put a bad image on your company’s name.

“As Seen on TV” 

Don’t make your emails look and sound like commercials on TV. Just like commercials, viewers can change channels just to avoid them.

“Dear Friend” 

Another Spam trigger. As much as you want to be friendly or personal to your customers, “Dear Friend” is crossing the border. You may look like you’re just pretending to be a friend, or worse, your business may be labeled as someone who is out to scam them.

“Call me” 

The tone is demanding and also, a spam trigger. Receiving emails with this subject line pushes some recipients to think that you’re rude and your company sends out spam messages.

“Act Now” 

This is mistakenly used for call to action messages. It sends out the wrong signal, like you’re ordering your audience instead of convincing them.

Hearts, excessive exclamation marks, and emojis 

These should not be included in your subject line nor in the body of the message. It’s unprofessional and may be tagged as spam by numerous filters.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” 

Putting this in your subject line is like pushing the envelope and forcing the issue. Let your audience write these testimonies on your website, not the other way around.

“Not spam” 

It’s stating the obvious, but this will backfire. Indicating your email as not spam will cast doubts and this will be marked as spam.

“You will not believe your eyes” 

It sounds like what a barker would shout at carnivals or someone in TV shopping who would blurt it out once in a while. As much as you want to attract attention, using this statement will not help your cause.

According to Talos, Spam emails account for 86% of the email traffic globally. You don’t want to be included in that statistic as it would mean disaster for your business. You definitely don’t want to lose potential sales and opportunities. You should seriously work on your email marketing strategies. With the help of this article and by coordinating with your virtual secretary or virtual assistants, you’re more likely to succeed. These professionals can work with you and formulate improved subject lines and email messages to boost sales and growth.


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