5 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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One of the goals of every business owner is to have maximum exposure for their product or service. The more people know about your business, the better your chances of increasing your sales become. One way to increase product, service or business awareness is to create a blog and generate traffic. Creating a blog may be difficult for some owners, but you can hire a virtual assistant to make things more manageable.

However, creating a blog is one thing; increasing traffic and developing readership is a different story. To give you tips on how to improve your blog readership, here are 5 simple methods to drive traffic to your blog.

Have guest bloggers or influencers write for you 

This is a marketing strategy that will surely increase traffic and blog viewership. Work with bloggers who are closely related to your industry and those who have a large fan base or following. These influencers can either contribute content on your blog, or they can link to your blog from theirs. So what’s in it for them? As a thank you for their efforts, you can provide them a product for free. They can feature your products on their blog for their readers to be aware of its features and benefits. It’s one form of advertising as you get to increase your target audience. It’s also important to choose an influencer with integrity or someone who is considered an expert in their field.

Tap the power of social media 

Acknowledge the benefits of using social media to promote your website. Whenever you post a new article, go and share it on your business’ Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. This is a good way to expand your business’ reach. This is also one way to introduce your business to social media users who are also mostly mobile users. Don’t forget to add social media sharing buttons as well so that other readers can also share your blog with their friends.

Be consistent 

Ensure that your blog never becomes stagnant. Regularly update your blog. The more activity is monitored in your blog, the more it will generate traffic. This also increases readership as your loyal readers will expect new content from you and sometimes even demand it. If you can’t write every day, updating your blog twice a week is enough. This high frequency of activity will attract search engines and is a factor in ranking higher in search results.

Create a call to action 

Have your readers participate in your blog. You can conduct promotions like contests, giveaways or raffles. You can also request your readers to post their comments, and give out a prize for the best comment or a random comment. These are some marketing strategies you can incorporate in your blog. While it promotes your product and your business, it also makes reading your blog fun, exciting and interactive. Not only will they benefit by learning from what you share with them, they will also get the chance to try out a product you sell or a service you provide.

Make use of animation and videos

“Content is king” as they say. To generate more traffic, make use of videos and a good balance of images in your blogs. Infographics are not only educational, they are also effective tools in marketing. The use of tutorial videos and videos showing different reviews of your product can be beneficial too. You can hit two birds with one stone by introducing the features of your product and by generating traffic to your blog. If you’re not equipped with the skills in animation or video editing, you can always turn to remote staffing and hire a virtual assistant skilled in making different videos for your business.

A word of caution: don’t expect traffic to increase overnight after you have followed the tips provided above. Generating traffic to your blog will take time. As long as your writers provide quality material and as long as your blog follows simple SEO rules, then your blog will be in good shape.


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