How to Become a Customer-centric Company

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Starbucks, in a stroke of marketing genius, has announced that the company is bent on becoming their customers’ third place. That is, this giant coffee hub wants their customers to have a mental note of their go-to places as:

  1.       Home
  2.       Work
  3.       Starbucks

This kind of accommodating spirit is evident in just one swift glance around every Starbucks branch: comfy couches, homey interior, snatches of chitchat filling the air as much as the aroma of coffee, and people deep in conversation or focused on a laptop or book. You would not catch a Starbucks barista hounding people if they are going to order. It’s already expected.

This is a perfect example of how a customer-centric company is like. It rouses a sense of familiarity from customers that they feel comfortable enough to let their hair down. It exudes an unhurried sense of  confidence from members of the establishment. They know that people come by to enjoy their service.

If you want this kind of atmosphere in your business, know that like Starbucks, you can develop the same affiliation with your customers through different practices.

Whether you are thinking about starting an online business or have been managing your establishment for years, it’s time you learn how to become a customer-centric company.

Articulate Your Company’s Mission with a Short, Meaningful Statement.

You can’t go wrong with keeping statements short and sweet, and articulating your company’s central philosophy is a perfect example of this. You set the atmosphere in your business through your mission statement. In Starbucks’ case, it is to develop an affiliation with guests in such a way that they want to be considered the next go-to location after home and work.

Reinforce Your Company’s Philosophy Through Core Values

Often, customer loyalty is earned through excellent customer service. Every business, no matter how successful, has the occasional fluke. Sometimes, these misses also happen because not every expectation of a customer is met. When such instances occur, the core values of your business should see you through and amend the situation. Aside from your quality products, strive to be known for exemplary customer service, integrity, courtesy, and other values that will draw customers to you.

Hire, Train, and Discipline Your Staff to Enforce Your Mission and Values

A company is as good as its individual members. Remember that your staff is the frontline that your customers deal with firsthand. They should imbibe what your company stands for from the hiring process until the training period as long as they are under your employment. Whether you are going to hire a virtual assistant online or training an associate in person, your company mission and values should be practiced and enforced by all members of your team.

Get Help Only from the Best Staffing Companies

An effective staff comes from an effective staffing company. If your business is expanding, you need to start outsourcing certain tasks to make sure that every aspect of your business is met. If you need a video creator or administrative VA, work with an efficient staffing team such as 20four7va that will connect you to the right person. An excellent customer experience is achieved when you work with an excellent team from the get-go.

Learn to Say No to Off-Strategy Practices

Over the course of maintaining a business, you will hear about strategies that promise to double your revenues or expand your brand. While it is worthwhile to dabble with different practices in order to grow, it is just as important to stay rooted to your core values. When a certain trend steers you far from your mission, remember to decline and stick to what upholds your business culture.

Becoming a customer-centric company is not an overnight feat or an ultimate destination. It is a multi-faceted, day-to-day voyage that when practiced well, will take your company to greater heights.


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