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Twitter’s 140-character limit and Instagram’s 60-second video time both indicate that grabbing and maintaining audience attention is tougher than ever. It is easier to raise brand awareness in social platforms because they provide fast and easy access to target consumers. With email, people are more selective about who and what they let in. That is why newsletter subscribers are hard won.

Popular in newsletter terminology is not the same as popular in the social media realm. Reaching more than a hundred subscribers can already be considered a milestone especially for small businesses. Do not undermine this by comparing it to your social media stats. After all, unlike social media followers who often just click or tap a button and forget about posts after scrolling for a few minutes, subscribers to newsletters take the time to read and digest the information they enlisted to get.

This much-coveted audience can be won over if you know how to craft a popular newsletter. Read on if you want to expand your subscription list today.

  1.   Hook Them with a Compelling Opening Statement

Instagram branded its new feature as Stories and Facebook Messenger adapted My Day so users can share their day-to-day escapades. Apparently, even with their limited attention span, people still love stories.

You can work this to your advantage when crafting a newsletter. Your opening line is your best shot at getting people to read through the whole content. Avoid generic ones such as June Newsletter, This Week’s Newsletter, or the name of your company + newsletter. In fact, the word newsletter isn’t at all what you want to use because it does not have a compelling ring to it. Be creative in the whole content but be most imaginative with your opening line.

  1.   Steer Clear from the Sales Pitch

It is true that people appreciate it when you inform them about upcoming sales or ongoing deals but doing so every chance you get will quickly turn this exciting factor into an annoying streak. Remember that you are dealing with an audience that has mastered the art of dodging online ads. If you want them to check out your products, don’t be pushy about it.

  1.   Consistency is Key

Newsletter subscribers make up with loyalty what they lack in numbers. It is only fitting that you reciprocate their commitment. When you say you’ll drop a newsletter in their Inbox every week, then do exactly as you promised. You grow your list of recipients by being a trustworthy brand. Besides, long-time subscribers count reading newsletters as a part of their routine. Not many marketing efforts can claim this type of customer patronage.

  1.   Be Educational but Enjoyable

You get people to read through an entire content by being informative or by being entertaining. There is a line between these two and the good news is, you can straddle it and be both educational and enjoyable. Avoid stuffing your newsletter with promotions or links to other web properties. Instead, provide them with content that they have practical use for.

  1.   Work with Specialists

Crafting a newsletter that will steadily earn popularity is best handled by pros. Hire a content writer VA from reliable virtual assistant companies. Remote staffing skilled writers is one of the best ways to not just expand your business, but craft a powerful newsletter that will inspire loyal readership.

People who take time to read your content and look forward to receiving it regularly are the kind of audience you earn through time, consistency, and a tremendous amount of skill. These techniques on crafting a popular newsletter will help you build and grow such kind of audience.


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