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If you are in the online business and have done your homework on how to market your products, then you must already know that content is king. Today, you will find out that its reign has extended to Amazon via Amazon Vendor Central.

Before, the giant online shopping center has made it easy for vendors by limiting merchant controls. However, since the company moved to update the management systems for content, merchants have expanded their turf through the Vendor Central. This update is a shift towards a modular approach through Amazon’s A+ Pages.

Just like blogging and web content building, you need to invest on your Amazon Vendor Central content if you want to reel in customers and increase revenues.

Here’s what you should know on how to build content through Amazon Vendor Central:

 Make Sure You Know the A+ Content Requirements

Online shoppers flock to Amazon because of its reputation as a credible company that makes shopping fast and easy.

Amazon is aware of this fact. It’s no surprise that any third-party vendor who breaks the fast-and-easy shopping experience that the company is known for is penalized. Before you get caught up in the process of creating content, make sure that the basics are covered. Knowing the A+ Content Requirements ensures that you are kept grounded on Amazon’s policies.

Make a checklist of the rules for the following:

  • Text
  • Image Format
  • Image Size and Resolution
  • Video Quality and Format

     Highlight Your Product Strengths with Bullet Points

Product strengths and bullet points – these two are baits for customers on their own. Getting them to work together is a formula to reel in visitors and have them scroll through your page.

Tips on using bullet points:

  • 1st bullet – what makes your product valuable and unique?
  • 2nd bullet – what makes the specific product relate to other items on your page?
  • Avoid time-constrained promises or claims.
  • Lay down the product benefits one by one.
  • Use Amazon’s third-person voice.
  • Answer the unvoiced customer question, “What good can this product do for me?”

       Optimize Bundling

One of the advanced features of Vendor Central is bundling. The concept of tying together products according to families makes shopping seamless, fast, and smart.

Knowing the family the items belong to, creating modular content, and strategizing on how you group them sounds like a lot of work at first. However, these investments will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future. Plus, customers are likely to pick up other items from your page if you bundled your products wisely.

   Research Keywords from Amazon and Google

Just like building your website through content, building your Amazon Vendor Central is also done through the leverage of keywords.

Just like Google, Amazon has an auto-fill feature in its search engine. Typing in key phrases relating to your product and monitoring the words that follow will help you identify the strongest terms relating to your items.

   Get Professional Help

Outsourcing your content creation from a highly skilled writer is one of the best investments you can make. Just think: you will only have to pay a one-time reasonable fee to a writer who will create money-spinning content that you can use for as long as you have your selling account.

Every year, Amazon’s sales revenues increase by the millions. Will you take part in its huge success this 2017? These tips on building content through Vendor Central will make sure that you do.


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