8 Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter

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One effective way to promote your business is through social media. Social media sites like Twitter help in leveling the playing field so that small businesses can compete with big and established businesses. If you’re a startup, let this article assist you in your social media marketing campaign. Here are 8 ways to promote your business on Twitter.

Be active

Tweet regularly. If you want to leave a good impression on your Twitter followers and potential customers, an active profile will help. You don’t want to be tweeting once a week or twice a month, it’s advisable to tweet every day so you can keep up with your followers and your competitors. Staying active is staying relevant. Keep on tweeting content that is relevant to your followers and target audience. The more active you are, the more people will follow you and interact with your tweets.


Retweeting is a form of interaction and acknowledgment of the content you have re-posted. Retweet content that your business believes in or that echoes your business values. You can retweet quotes from popular celebrities, businessmen, artists and influencers that are relevant to your business.


Replying to hundreds or even thousands of tweets may be a tedious work, but it’s nothing that a virtual assistant or social media manager can’t do. Track and respond to every mention you have on Twitter. This encourages interaction and shows that you value engagement. There will be times that replies will be in the form of negative feedback or complaints, be sure to respond courteously and professionally. One way of dealing with negative comments is to encourage your followers to send you a direct message. This is to keep the conversation private.

Follow trending hashtags

It’s important to stay up to date with current events and with what’s currently hot in the world of social media, so follow popular hashtags and put your brand along with it. Make sure you use these trending hashtags to let people know about you. This opens up your brand to new followers and potential customers or business partners.

Use images, GIFs, and videos

Using images, animated GIFs and videos when posting to Twitter is advisable to get the attention of your followers and potential customers. You can tweet video presentations or post images of your products so that your followers can learn more about your brand in more fun and interesting ways.

Discounts for followers

Hit two birds with one stone by offering discounts to your followers on Facebook. This not only allows you to have new followers, it also encourages a sale. Contests and other call-to-action strategies can be posted to your Twitter account. You can put in the contest mechanics that they would need to follow and share a certain tweet you have so they can be eligible for your online contest. This broadens your business’ reach and will eventually give your business a big boost in brand awareness.

Interact and collaborate with influencers

One of the best ways to earn more followers and promote your business is to converse with popular influencers who are in a field connected to your business. Have them discuss your products or services. If they have questions regarding your business, answer diligently as the influencer’s followers will keep track of your conversation with them. Influencers may also suggest their followers to follow you. This is another way of getting the information across new markets. If all goes well, expect new followers to come in the multitude.

Improve your Twitter Bio

The Twitter Bio introduces you to potential followers. It’s an introduction to your business’ voice and identity. Make sure you present the information of your company in a professional, concise manner. It’s also advisable to add some attitude, a company slogan and even humor in it so your company won’t sound boring. Generally, you indicate what your company does, what you can offer and how people can contact you.

These are just a few ways to promote your business on Twitter. You can properly discuss and plan this out with your virtual secretary or social media manager to maximize Twitter’s features to the advantage of your business. Since this can be a tedious job, you can opt to hire a virtual assistant who is skilled in social media management. This way, you can still run your business without spending too much time on administrative tasks.



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