7 Free Tools to Accelerate Business Growth

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Are you selling stuff online or running a brick and mortar store? Either way, as the business owner, your job is to effectively market your business and efficiently manage its day-to-day operations to accelerate its growth. However, with so many things that need to be done like creating and scheduling content for social media, executing your email campaigns, etc., it’s expected for anyone to get overwhelmed.

You have to properly equip yourself with the right tools to keep up with everything that’s going on. So to help you out, here are 7 free tools that you can use to accelerate your business growth.


Everyone’s on social media nowadays, businesses and customers alike. In fact, 9 out of 10 businesses today use at least one social media page to boost their brand and promote their products and services. If you don’t have a social media VA to help you out, social media management can be a nightmare. That’s where Hootsuite can aid you. This tool makes it easier for you to monitor your page, track growth and engagement, and of course, schedule your content.


If you have two or more people in your team, you have to ensure that collaboration between team members is convenient and easy. Slack is a team communication tool that also allows you to store conversations in separate channels, making it a breeze to search through chat logs.


If you want your files and documents to be accessed easily by team members from any type of device, Dropbox is exactly what you need. Take advantage of its free plan that offers 2 GB of storage space.

Google Analytics

When it comes to tracking data about your website, Google Analytics practically has unlimited potential. Here’s a very brief (and partial)  list of things that you can do with Google Analytics:

  • Identify the keywords that drive the most traffic to your website
  • Track how much traffic social media drives into your homepage
  • See demographics data about your website’s visitors
  • Determine your most popular pages

Yoast SEO

Is your website built using the WordPress platform? If it is, Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin, can help boost your website’s traffic and optimize your web pages. Just install the plugin and you can rely on it to give professional SEO advice. It also has other top-level features like the Page Analysis functionality that will further assist you in optimizing your website.


Have no budget to hire a professional designer for your social media cover photos, posters, business cards, and other promotional assets? Then Canva is exactly what you need. It’s an online tool with a drag-and-drop feature that will help you create stunning graphics in a matter of minutes. It also boasts a ton of preset layouts, images, icons, and more so you won’t have to visit other websites.


If producing blog posts is a part of your online business marketing strategy, Buzzsumo is a great tool to use in identifying the best type of content on any given topic. Just key in the topic that you want to write about in the search bar and you’ll see the top articles related to it.

Are you a business owner who also relies on these free tools to accelerate your business growth? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


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