5 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

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What makes passive income so important is that it allows you to have more time on your hands. Instead of working multiple jobs to get extra cash, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the money come in automatically everyday.

However, for many people, passive income or “making money while you sleep” is nothing more than a pipedream. They think that this concept is only for stocks or real estate rental incomes. What they do not know is that a passive income can come in many forms.


Automated Webinars

If you have extensive experience in a particular field and you think that you can use that to educate other people, then you can use automated webinars to make money while you sleep. Creating one might seem tedious at first. But once it’s completed, there’s practically zero maintenance required and it can run day and night.

Aside from selling webinars as digital products, you can use them to promote yourself if you’re providing consulting and coaching services.


Ebooks are like the written version of webinars. If you can find a niche and write great content about it, you can easily sell it on popular platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Store. The advantage of going with this route is that you won’t have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing your own ebook. Amazon will just pay you based on your monthly sales. Of course, you can also sell it on your own blog if you have one. Ebooks, like webinars, are also excellent tools for attracting leads for your business.

Online Courses

A lot of people want to learn something but have no time to go to actual classes. That’s what created the demand for online courses. If you know how to do SEO, social media management, content marketing, photography, coding, or some other skill, you can teach a course about it. The best thing about online courses is that they are rarely updated once launched. You can build online courses on websites like Udemy, Teachable, or ClickFunnels.



What makes blogging different is that it has immense earning  potential. You can earn through online advertisements, by selling products directly on your website, or by being part of an affiliate network. If you manage to grow your brand and establish a following, you can pretty much sell anything on your platform. Blogging, however, requires consistent creation of valuable content. Make sure you find a niche that you are really interested and knowledgeable in so you won’t lose interest in the long run.

Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down. Just look at Amazon. You, too, can start your own online empire by building an ecommerce store. If you have products to sell, why bother setting up a brick-and-mortar shop, which costs a lot to establish, when you can sell them online? Shipping goods also won’t be a problem since you can drop-ship almost anything.

Do you have business ideas that will allow people to make money from home or while they’re asleep? Share it with us so we can add it to our list!


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