7 Reasons Why Nobody Pays Attention to Your Content

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Generating traffic and developing loyal readers for your blog or website can be a challenge. After all, there’s no guarantee that people will visit and read your blog once you put it up. It’s tough to see that after a month of posting on your blog for the first time, only a handful of people cared to visit your page. But don’t be discouraged just yet. The good news is that there is so much room for improvement when it comes to blogging especially the content.

To help you understand why you’re not getting the hits and views you expected, here are 7 possible reasons why nobody’s paying attention to your content.

Annoying ads 

If your page is overwhelmingly full of ads, it’s more likely for your readers to be distracted. When this happens, they will not spend time reading your posts or staying on the page.

One big mistake is using numerous pop-up ads. They tend to distract readers from the actual content as they focus on the annoyance brought by ad more than what is on your blog. If you can’t do away with ads or pop-up ads, the best thing to do is to have ads that are highly relevant to your content. Useful ads are more easily tolerated by readers as this benefits them and their interests.

Lack of a relevant theme 

What is your page about? Does your chosen topic benefit a lot of readers? Are your topics consistent and related to other topics within your website?  Having a hodgepodge of topics introduced in a single blog may help you generate traffic initially, but it doesn’t really help keep your visitors interested in coming back for more

It would be better to have a definite identity and consistent topics to establish the fact that you’re an expert on a specific subject. Being consistent with your topics establishes you as a reliable source or an expert in your chosen field. This is one of the biggest factors in attracting visitors to your blog and obtaining regular readers.

Not being mobile friendly 

 Studies have shown that there has been a dramatic increase of mobile internet users over the past few years. If your website is not optimized for mobile viewing, you’re missing out on this opportunity. You can hire a virtual assistant skilled in web design to optimize your website for mobile users. Reaching out to users and readers who predominantly visit websites on their mobile devices is definitely helpful in gaining new visitors.

Forgotten SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is essential in increasing traffic to your website by raising its ranking in search engine results. It’s ideal to be on the first page of results as readers usually don’t bother going to the second page. To solve this problem, boost your site’s visibility using different SEO tools. Social media is also helpful in improving site awareness. The more visible you are, the bigger the opportunity for your site to be noticed by influencers, experts, and popular bloggers who can link to your site or mention your posts. Lastly, make sure you know what SEO practices are right for your business. This SEO guide from SERP.co can help you with that.

Poor content 

Ever heard of the phrase, “content is king?” This popular adage still rings true in many cases. Your content should be interesting. Make sure you know your target market. Determine their likes and dislikes, and use this as a guide when deciding what to put on your blog. If you don’t know your market, it will be very difficult to write a piece that they connect with.

Subpar design 

If your website or blog is not designed properly, your readers will probably leave your site without even reading the content. Using bright or distracting colors that are not conducive to reading is one example of bad design. Studies suggest that colors play an important role in the attitude of readers on what they view and read.

Color is not the only thing that’s important for your audience’s eyes. Your site’s layout and general design come into play as well. Make your site easy to navigate, organize your articles and make use of the appropriate balance of images and text to ensure that your site is pleasing to look at.

Creating and designing a blog or website is not easy. In most cases, it takes the combined efforts and expertise of several people to be able to create a great site. If you need help, it’s always a good idea to hire professional virtual assistants skilled in SEO, content writing, and web design from staffing services or virtual assistant companies. Let the experts do it for you, and see how well your website can grow with expert help.


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