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For a business to grow and be successful, it needs to generate revenue constantly. One way to achieve this is to continuously communicate with your regular and potential customers. You don’t want your contacts database to go stagnant. If this happens, your business will not be able to make new sales and its growth and success will be derailed. This is why growing your email list is important to your business’ success.

Here are some tips on how to grow your email list.

Encourage your customers to sign up when they visit your site

Setting up a pop-up that asks readers and visitors to register for free or a sign-up box that appears on top of the banners on your website will do.  To encourage your visitors to register and enter their email addresses, you will need to give them something in return. This may include discounts, freebies, special offers or exclusive content when they register on your website.

Gather email addresses when issuing receipts

 You can send online receipts to your customers. And for this to happen, customers need to enter their email addresses whenever they make purchases. This can be done both offline and online by including this process when checking out.

Referral program

 Encourage your current customers to refer friends. Allot incentives for every successful referral. While this opens the door to an increase in sales, it also helps in gaining more contacts for your email list.

Use social media to promote your product and gather contact details

 You can post contests or giveaways in your business’ social media accounts and require them to submit their names and email addresses. This is one way of increasing awareness and helping your email list to grow.

Gather contacts offline

 Attend conventions and trade shows to introduce your business and also to collect contact details from interested clients and customers. Once you receive the email addresses, immediately send them thank you and welcome emails to keep them engaged.

Online customer requests

You don’t have to put all the details on your website. What you can do is keep some vital information so that visitors to your website will eventually request for it. When a potential customer asks for quotes and pricing, you may ask them to submit their email addresses so that their request can be processed. This allows you to gather their email for future sales and promotions as well.

Restrict some of your content

 This method is done by requesting for the reader’s email address for them to see the whole article you posted. This is useful if your business posts blogs regularly. Interested readers will enter their email addresses to learn more about what you have written. One important element here is that your content should be educational and entertaining so that your readers won’t hesitate to enter their email address just to see the full post.

By following the tips above, you’ll get better chances of increasing your email list or contact database. If any of the tips sounds too tedious for you to do yourself, it should not be a problem. Tap a professional virtual assistant or administrative assistant to do the monotonous work for your business. Watch your email list grow, reach out to new clients and as your customer loyalty and brand awareness get a boost, your sales and revenue will follow.


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