Why Hire a VA for Your Accounting Business

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Accounting is an integral and indispensable part of any business. Even with the assistance provided by technology, people are still looking for professional accounting services. Now that accountants can build their portfolio online and offer their services within the comforts of their homes, the demands for their service also grew.

As a company that offers accounting expertise, you must keep up with the trends in the industry to curate and improve your services. According to this article, businesses that hire third-party bookkeepers expect conversational platforms, more efficient and user-friendly analytics tools, and stronger security from the accounting companies they work with.

Hiring a Virtual Worker for Your Accounting Business: What are the benefits?

The rising number of accountants who seek online career opportunities and people who seek professional accounting services have an integrated impact in your business. And this impression can both be met and optimized by hiring a virtual assistant (VA) for your accounting firm.

Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Expand Your Team. No need to conduct local interviews and hire in-house bookkeepers. Thanks to software and tools for remote staffing communication and collaboration, you can grow your team of specialists by hiring accountants remotely.
  • Take Your Communications Up a Notch. Remember that potential clients are seeking conversational platforms from companies they work with. To win their business, hire a virtual assistant to promptly answer inquiries, provide quotes and follow through, and give customer care. Your VAs don’t exclusively have to be accounting specialists. You can also hire VAs to take care of your communications and customer service fronts.
  • Strengthen Your Online Presence. When potential clients research about local accountants, would your name show up? When they read through your website, would they feel secured that their data are safe and in good hands? If you can’t confidently answer these questions, hire a VA to boost your online visibility and security.

What tasks can you outsource to a VA?

The benefits of having a VA in your accounting company already gives you an idea of the different tasks you can outsource. To help you see the tremendous difference a VA can do for your company, have a look at these responsibilities you can delegate to a remote worker:

  1. Accounting assignments. Build your clientele without stressing over the mounting work. Subcontract bookkeeping tasks to a VA to accommodate more clients.
  2. Administrative work. As your business grows, so do your administrative responsibilities. Luckily, this is an obligation you can delegate to a VA.
  3. Communications and customer service. Phoning clients for follow-throughs, responding to complaints or inquiries – communications and customer service are other tasks you can add to your ­To-Outsource List.
  4. Media and Marketing. From making your website more discoverable to creating visual and textual content, let marketing VAs take care of your promotional campaigns.
  5. Website Development and Security. As a specialist, you know that some business facets are better off in the hands of experts. Let web developers take care of your website and online security so you can focus on your specialty.

What’s the best way to hire a VA?

Now that you’ve established the high-impact tasks you can outsource to a VA, it’s time to learn the best way of hiring one.

There are two ways to hire a virtual assistant for your accounting business:

  1. Directly Hire a Freelancer
  2. Hire from a Staffing Company

While the traditional way to find a remote worker is through direct hire, it’s definitely a risky way to recruit. For one, you have to do all the legwork in terms of hiring and recruiting, and for another, you have legal responsibilities to ensure the credibility of your VA as well as your hiring and employment terms.

On the other hand, hiring a VA from a staffing company relieves you of the hiring work as well as accountability. This is because staffing companies take care of the legwork of VA acquisition and management. More importantly, you don’t run the risk of infringing government and labor regulations when you work with a credible staffing company.

Is your accounting business up to the industry’s current demands and standards? There’s one way to guarantee it: hire a VA for your accounting business today.


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