How to Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant with 20four7VA

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How to Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant with 20four7VA


As an Amazon seller, you know how time-consuming and overwhelming it can be to grow, let alone manage your current operations on your own. For your business to thrive, it’s crucial to get the help you need. But you also want to keep your costs down and margins high. The solution? Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA).

With the help of a VA, you can do so much more, from checking routine tasks from your to-do list to clearing up space for you to focus on your growth strategy. If you’re unsure how to get started, this article will help. Learn more about the benefits of remote staffing and how to hire an Amazon virtual assistant with 20four7VA today!

Why hire an Amazon VA?

Amazon is a powerhouse in the ecommerce sphere. It’s a name that most consumers associate with online shopping. And because there are plenty of selling opportunities on Amazon, it’s no wonder e-commerce businesses are flocking to the site. A 2021 report showed that Amazon has attracted “3,700 new sellers a day” during that year. For customers, the increasing number of sellers means more options. But for you, it means more competition.

And more competition requires you to be smarter about how you do business. You need to stay on top of your game if you want to rise above the competition. But it’s easier said and done. Running a successful ecommerce business requires strategy, effort, and a helping hand or two. Enter: your Amazon Virtual Assistant (Amazon VA).


Check off more tasks from your to-do list

An Amazon VA can help you get more done—and done well! Plenty of work goes into the daily operations of your business. A VA can provide much-needed ecommerce support on a wide variety of tasks, from product listing management and keyword research to customer service and order fulfillment.

Want to know what tasks an Amazon VA can do for you? Visit the 20four7VA page or get in touch with us to know more!


Improve your operations   

A top-tier VA will lend their experience and skills to not just get things done for the sake of it. They can help you complete tasks more efficiently. The right remote talent can be the missing piece you’re looking for to improve business productivity.


Clear up time for top-level responsibilities

When you effectively delegate tasks to your VA, you can free up time and energy for your core responsibilities. You can focus on other aspects of your business that require your attention.

You can also spend more time strategizing. With the help of your new ecommerce VA, you can finally explore growth opportunities, whether it’s expanding your reach or your product portfolio.

Cost-effective staffing solution

Adding more members to your team may not always seem like the most budget-friendly business move. Hiring in-office staff often involves other expenses, such as new equipment costs and transportation allowances.

Remote staffing is an excellent alternative for business owners who want to grow their team

s without bloating costs. It eliminates the costs typically associated with new hires. Remote professionals have their own basic tools, including a laptop and high-speed internet, to support you from wherever they are in the world. All you need to worry about is hiring the right remote talent and paying them for the hours or services rendered.


Want to learn about the many benefits of remote staffing for small businesses and entrepreneurs? Schedule a free consultation call with our Growth Experts today.

Why Hire an Amazon VA

How to hire Amazon virtual assistant with 20four7VA

Now that we’ve covered what you can expect with remote staffing, it’s time to hire your Amazon VA! And who better to help you than 20four7VA?

Why choose 20four7VA?

When it comes to VA staffing, you need a globally recognized partner that can provide cost-effective and scalable end-to-end solutions. Like 20four7VA!

  • Global talent pool: We have a wide talent pool of pre-vetted and skilled virtual assistants ready to support you. Our VAs come from various parts of the world, including the Philippines, India, and Argentina—countries with high English proficiency ratings.
  • End-to-end solutions: At 20four7VA, we don’t settle on just matching you with a VA. We offer convenience and expert assistance through our end-to-end solutions. We provide support through VA management, timekeeping, and even payroll processing. Basically, you’re hiring an Amazon virtual assistant but getting support from a whole team.
  • Cost-effective and highly scalable: Our Growth Experts will get to know your business and staffing needs during your initial consultation call. We’ll customize the staffing solution that best fits your current requirements. And as your business and staffing requirements grow, we can quickly scale up our services to keep up with your evolving needs.
  • Dedicated customer support: Each 20four7VA client will have an account manager. They will provide the support you need to promptly address all concerns and find the answers to your VA staffing queries.
  • Award-winning VA company: “We are committed to helping businesses grow with our top-tier cost-effective remote staffing solutions,” shares 20four7VA President and CEO Catherine vanVonno. “We’re honored to have our efforts recognized by various established institutions.” 

20four7VA is a two-time honoree of the Inc. 5000 list. And just last year, we received prestigious awards, including the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics and the World Staffing Summit’s 100 Best Staffing Companies to Work For. Learn more about 20four7VA’s record-breaking year!

Are you interested to learn more about 20four7VA’s solutions? Visit the 20four7VA page or get in touch with our Growth Experts for more info!

Hire a 20four7VA in 4 easy steps

“We want to make the hiring process as easy as possible from the get-go,” says Jennifer del Rosario, 20four7VA’s Operations Director. “We have condensed the initial processes into four simple steps.”

Step 1: Get in touch with us!

We’ll hop on a free consultation call with you. We’ll use this session to understand your staffing needs and 

business goals better. You can choose your preferred schedule when you fill out the 20four7VA consultation call form.

Step 2: Screening and Shortlisting of Virtual Assistant Candidates

We’ll search our pool of remote talents to find Amazon Seller VA candidates. We’ll shortlist based on the approved job description or JD.

Step 3: Candidate Interviews

We will schedule interview sessions so you can get to know the shortlisted candidates. We can also help administer test tasks relevant to the position upon request.

Step 4: VA Selection and Setting Up of Client Account

Once you’ve selected a VA candidate, we’ll start setting up your account with us. And just like that, your new Amazon VA can start the next business day!


Amazon sellers


Ready to kick off your search for an Amazon VA? Schedule a free consultation call to get started.

Working with your Amazon VA

Once you’re matched with a new virtual assistant, the real work begins. It’s crucial to onboard the new VA, so they’re better equipped to help your business. They may have the right foundational skills, but they still need to know about your business and your ways of working. 

Here’s a quick onboarding checklist for remote staff:

  • Preparation of internal access (e.g., Cloud storage access, log-in details, etc.) 
  • Welcome email announcement
  • Initial call to virtually introduce your VA to the rest of the team
  • One-on-one call to discuss policies and set expectations
  • IT check to ensure access to all necessary systems, tools, and platforms
  • Training sessions and walkthroughs for the processes and tools used
  • First task assignment with feedback on the initial performance
  • First-week and monthly check-ins


It’s also crucial to make your new VA feel like they’re an important contributor to the team. Doing so can empower and motivate them to do well in their job. This may seem difficult to do when working with a remote talent. But building a culture of open communication and feedback helps. 

Below are some tips you can adopt to create a stronger, more effective working relationship with your virtual assistant:

  • Team alignments
  • One-on-one check-ins
  • Establish clear channels for asynchronous and synchronous communication
  • Documentation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and expectations
  • Utilizing platforms collaboration (e.g., Trello, Asana, Zoom, Slack, etc.)
  • Continuous learning opportunities
  • Regular KPI or performance reviews
  • Awards and recognition programs
  • Setting up virtual social events
  • And more!

20four7VA can provide the support you need to hire, onboard, and manage your virtual assistants. Learn more by scheduling a free consultation call with our Growth Experts!



Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant with 20four7VA can be a game-changer for your business. A VA can provide the support you need so you can manage your business better. Plus, they help clear up your mind and desk of routine tasks, allowing you to focus on your executive functions, including growing your Amazon empire.

And to help ensure you find top-notch virtual assistants for your business, working with an experienced and globally-recognized remote staffing company is your best bet. So, let’s get started. Simply book a free consultation call with us today!



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