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Constant learning is essential for a virtual employee to grow and become successful. After all, reaching your career goals doesn’t come easy. In the virtual assistance world, perseverance and drive can take your career to new heights.

Learning doesn’t always come cheap. Fortunately, the influx of great content on the internet makes free information so much more accessible for any virtual employee.

How about learning something new today? Here are some of the best free online resources to learn new skills to get you started.


Coding skills are always profitable, and they can even help you become better at your own field whether you’re a content writer, an SEO manager, or a creative. CodeAcademy has a ton of FREE resources on several programming languages such as Python, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby. Learning at CodeAcademy is interactive too, so you won’t get bored with the lessons.


Want to learn a new language? Duolingo can help you with that. They have a large number of languages to choose from including Spanish, Japanese, French, and more. They provide a fun way of learning through quizzes and bite-sized lessons, so you can easily squeeze it in your daily schedule.


Who says you have to spend several hours every day to learn something new? At Officehours, you can talk to a field expert for just 10 minutes each day for free. They can provide you with tried-and-tested techniques and give you advice on real-life problems in whatever field you’re trying to study.  


edX is a pretty popular learning resource that offers hundreds of free online courses on a wide range of subjects from architecture to medicine. A lot of their courses come from prestigious universities like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and University of California Berkeley. You’ll definitely get high-quality education at edX.


At Degreed, you get access to over 1500 certifiable skills for free. Their learning materials are free forever, but if you want to be certified, you have to pay up. It’s a worthy investment though because many top companies worldwide accept their certificates as valid professional credentials.


Making time to learn something can be difficult if you keep a full-time VA job and still have to do chores at home. This is why Highbrow provides 10-day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails to you every morning. They have a wide selection of courses too. From photography tips to life lessons about improving your productivity, you name it and they probably have it.


CreativeLive believes that there’s a creator in all of us, and they want everyone to nurture their creative side by providing people with on air classes that are available for free 24 hours a day. They also have complete classes which you can buy one time and own forever.

Now that you know about all these sites that offer free resources, there’s no time like the present to start learning a new skill or two. Whether you just want to learn a new language to understand your favorite culture better or you want to learn a new skill that can further your career as a virtual staff, you can find the resources you need in the website mentioned above.


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