Real Talk: What Does it Really Take to Become a 20Four7VA Virtual Assistant

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking of becoming a 20Four7VA virtual assistant. Or you’re already one for that matter. The fact that you’re taking the time to read this shows that you want to know not just the ins and outs of being a VA but also how one can excel in this particular field.

There are plenty of misconceptions about what VAs do. Some even assume that anyone can do it and that it’s just a walk in the park. The reality is, being a VA is more complex than it appears to be. So what does it really take to become an exceptional 20Four7VA virtual assistant? Read on:

You have to be hard-working

Newsflash! Working from home doesn’t mean less work. In reality, there will be times when you’ll have loads of work compared to your “office” peers. In office settings, there are times for just hanging out with office mates hence the term “water cooler talk”. There are also meetings that last for hours.

When you work from home, there are very minimal breaks and chances for socializing are nil. You’re also paid by the hour so you need to maximize your time as much as possible—which brings us to our second point.

You have to manage your time efficiently

Working from home means a higher chance of getting distracted. Since you are your own manager, you have to prioritize tasks according to importance and urgency. Make sure to execute them in a timely manner so you don’t run out of time.

Usually, clients assign tasks at the onset of shift so most expect completion at the end of the day. Most times, this would mean hours of uninterrupted work for you. By managing your time wisely, you will be able to deliver the client’s expected results.

You have to be flexible

The interests of the client always come first. This is especially true when you’re a 20Four7VA Virtual Assistant.

There will be times when they’ll request for an impromptu meeting. It could be late at night or during early mornings depending on your client’s location. You must be willing to adjust to these certain situations.

20Four7VA Virtual Assistant | Virtual Assistant Services | 20Four7VAYou have to be willing to learn new things

To stay ahead of the game, you have to acquire new skills every now and then. There will be times when a client will request you to do things that are beyond the scope of your current skill sets. Take this as an opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a ton to learn some of these skills. All you have to do is look for free webinars and tutorials.

Interested in graphic design? Go for it and study basic Photoshop, Adobe, etc. The more skills you have, the more chances of acquiring clients!

You have to be a fast learner

Learning new skills through webinars and tutorials require a quick learning curve. Be willing to adapt to the fast-paced environment of technology. Your clients will request you to use tools and new applications and you can’t be afraid or hesitant of change. At 20Four7VA, we regularly train our VAs. Keep an open mind and just practice. You will learn anything if you put your mind into it!

You must be thick-skinned

Really, there will be times that you won’t be recognized for your efforts. It’s just the way it is. There will be days when you’ve done your best and still the client isn’t happy. Be tenacious. The work of a 20Four7VA virtual assistant is not for the faint of heart.

Be thick skinned. Stay on the course and just do what you have to do. In the long run, your work will speak for itself.

You must communicate well with people

This is an essential trait for all VAs. In order to avoid miscommunication, you should be able to communicate your opinions and thoughts in a clear manner. Document everything . Take screenshots if you must.

Most discussions will be through Skype or email so it’s easy to keep track of any conversations especially when it comes to instructions. Use common courtesy and keep things professional all times.

Lastly, understand that you are replaceable

Since you work in a virtual setting, a client can drop you anytime. Be willing to accept that. The VA industry is very competitive and you’re competing against VAs from around the globe!

But take heart! As long as you remain professional and you’re dedicated to providing outstanding results, you’ll thrive in this industry.

Just work hard, build up your portfolio, and acquire new skills so you’ll have more to offer. Lastly, enjoy what you do. After all, not everyone has the privilege of working in their pajamas while sipping a cup of coffee!


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