How Listening to Music Can Make You More Productive

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Online jobs offer the sweetest deals when it comes to being able to earn from home. This is because you can self-manage and create a work environment that will cater to your personal preferences. However, being an online assistant can get hectic, so stress may rise to alarming levels. This is a common scenario for most virtual assistants. But there is a trick that can help you have a smooth sailing work session — listening to the right music.

Music stimulates the brain. Try to listen to heavy metal or grudge when you are working and notice how your mind reacts. According to one study, it will make you lose your focus and your brain feel cluttered. Now imagine the beach and the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline. There’s something beautifully relaxing about it that makes your mind feel at ease. The same goes with the sound of a gentle drizzle. The mere sound of it may induce someone to a sweet slumber. Music can help you work better as well. Just make sure you choose the right genre.

Here are some great suggestions:

  • Praise Songs

    This may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, for those who seek spiritual guidance, praise songs are so effective. Best played in the morning prior to starting your work session, let the words of praise songs uplift you. They can boost you in a motivational way with their meaning and purpose. Playing praise songs is not just for the religious; they may help even those who just want a boost of positive energy. Try playing them after waking up and a few minutes before working and see how they can make you feel centered and inspired. Great artists like Don Moen and Lenny Leblanc are often played, but if you are more into their younger, contemporary counterparts then artists like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin and Newsboys are for you. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

  1. Nature Sounds

     It is often assumed that nature sounds are just for rest and relaxation. However, they may also be used during work. Just try to avoid the sounds that make you feel too calm. That could work against you. Before you know it, instead of being able to work, you’re already far away and have gone to dreamland. Listen to the ruling of leaves or chirping of birds. Now, this may require trial and error but you’ll eventually find nature sounds that will make you feel energized and motivated. For starters, try mixes uploaded on YouTube. They have playlists such as motivational nature sounds and nature sounds for energy.

Music is such a powerful tool that must not only be enjoyed but utilized to boost one’s mood.

Try these music suggestions today and let us know which works best for you. Happy listening and happy work session!


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