How Hiring a VA Can Make You More Productive

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Time is money, and in business, you need all the time you can get if you want to see a steady cash flow. The question is: Is it possible to have more time without sacrificing work? The key to achieving this feat is prioritization. Learn the parts of your business that demand most of your time, require your expertise, and entail your presence. Once you do, it is easy to find a workaround that facilitates these major tasks and takes care of the less urgent ones. Part of this tactic is to hire a virtual assistant or VA.

Virtual assistants are there to make your life easier. However, you can have the most qualified support available and still struggle with productivity if you don’t know how to optimize this asset. In order to tap this human resource, your VA must also need to know how to help you in the best way possible.

In a nutshell, your virtual assistant boosts your productivity by freeing up time that you can spend on efforts that will take your business to the next step.

But did you know that you can also churn out better output through the help of an assistant that makes work efficient for you?

Aside from an improvement in quantity of time, you also get better quality of work.

Your assistant can take on many roles in doing this for you. Here are the different ways that a virtual assistant can make you more productive:

Role #1: Be Your Current Events Reporter

A business thrives by providing services that is relevant to the customer’s needs. In marketing your business online, your business must level with your target market’s desires, social issues, and interests.

Your virtual assistants can be your eyes and ears so you can be on track regarding these issues. They can supply you with fresh information on what’s trending on social media, most frequently used search terms, and even what type of blogs your target consumers follow.

By doing a research on what makes your prospective customers tick, you can make a better marketing strategy. You can tailor the content of your website and improve the quality of your products to answer your customer’s’ needs.

Role #2: Be Your Industry Researcher

Get ahead of the curve by analyzing the background and trends of your industry. You cannot afford to spend hours on research work if you have a business to run. This is where your virtual assistant fits into the picture.

They can provide a more comprehensive research on whatever subject you want to focus on. Instead of being burned out by research, you will have a fresh mind when you need to focus on the analysis work only.

Role #3: Be Your Blog Idea Generator

It is true that there are tools and websites which generate keywords for blog content. The question is: do you really want to rely on randomly selected keywords for your web content?

A virtual assistant knows the ins and outs of your business. They deal with your customers and liaise with your clients. They have a background on your industry and hands-on experience on what makes customers feel valued or frustrated. By leveraging on this knowledge, they can produce blog ideas better than any keyword generator.

Role #4: Be Your Customer Service Champion

Aside from their basic role which is to answer customer inquiries and issues, your virtual assistant can boost customer service in a different level as well.

They can categorize the different issues your business face through better email handling. They are also well aware of your social media streams so they can analyze and classify what customers usually complain about or commend about your business.

This will help you zero in on the weak areas of your business and capitalize on its strengths.

Role #5: Be Your Brand Reputation Manager

Social media trolls can cast a bad image on your brand overnight. What you have spent years on marketing can easily be tainted if negative feedback is not controlled on your website and social pages.

Your virtual assistant can be the damage controller that will put out the fire before it can spread and burn your marketing efforts to the ground.

Employing a VA does not only free up your productivity time. It also gives you efficient output to be more productive. Are you ready to take your business to greater heights?


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