The Beginner’s Guide To Landing a Full Time Virtual Assistance Job

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Landing a home-based job can be a most exciting experience. The sheer fulfillment of finally having a way to earn from home is something many wish to have. This is because work-life balance is one of the biggest reasons why many individuals switch from corporate jobs to remote jobs. Not to mention the tremendous help it gives those who need to provide while taking care of their families at home.

If you are one of those who are itching to land a full-time virtual assistant job, read on. Here is a beginner’s guide to help you land one:

  • Know your skill set. The most important step before actually applying for a job is to make an honest assessment of your skill set. Know what you are good at and identify those skills that will make you marketable to clients. Ask yourself some crucial questions to give you a better understanding of what you can offer. What are you good at that you actually enjoy doing? How can you contribute to someone’s online business? Are you creative? Is social media marketing one of your strengths? Are you good with clerical tasks? Is graphic design something you are passionate about?
  • Research. Make use of your network and start researching by asking friends and loved ones who are already doing virtual assistant jobs. In addition, read up on articles that will give you better insight as to what is in demand in the VA industry. It is highly suggested to also touch base with VA agencies so you get to ask questions that will give you a better understanding of this career opportunity.
  • Study. Now that you know your skill set and what the market demands, upgrade your skills by studying. There are many free online courses that could help you enhance the skills you already have. Coursera and Udemy offer short courses that cover copywriting, branding, social media marketing, graphic design and more. This is crucial because online jobs are ever changing and ever evolving. This will make you highly marketable and will eventually get you the job. virtual assistance | Virtual Assistant Services | 20Four7VA
  • Update your resume. Beef it up and make it a powerful resume by highlighting the skills you have. Avoid the unnecessary, and make it easy to read. Most HR officers go through piles and piles of resumes so make yours stand out by making it substantial.
  • Apply. Submit your resume tirelessly. Even if you don’t get a reply, just continue passing them to as many agencies as possible. Putting yourself out there will get you noticed so be patient with this step.  
  • Follow up. More often than not, resumes and application forms get piled up. It’s a good idea to follow up and touch base with HR officers. This will show that you are serious about your application. Just don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is to be annoying, so keep it professional.
  • Prepare for the interview. Practice! There is nothing wrong with practicing in front of the mirror or having your friend hear you out while you practice. This will help you release jitters and make you comfortable speaking with the job interviewer once it actually happens. Know what to say to those frequently asked job interview questions, but be natural and don’t reply with cliché answers. It’s still advisable to be natural so your personality shines through.

Landing a full-time virtual assistant job can be very exciting but to make it sustainable, a VA must understand that constant learning and development are needed to last in this industry. Keeping up to date with the trends and upgrading your skill set from time to time will ultimately make your clients keep you.


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