6 Mistakes That Everyone Makes When Working From Home

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Some people dread making mistakes. But if you think about it, is committing a mistake all that bad?

To some extent, mistakes are necessary because they allow you to think on your feet. They throw you learning experiences that will challenge you and make you better at what you do. As virtual assistants, these are the building blocks of career growth. With every mistake comes wisdom and hopefully the discipline not to commit them again.

So what are the common mistakes that everyone makes when working from home? Here’s the list and what to do to avoid them:

Getting too comfortable

Do not use the fact that you are working from home as an excuse to become lax. Some VAs neglect their hygiene or work on sofas and beds that induce laziness. It’s fun to work wearing your pajamas sometimes, but don’t make it a habit. Truth is, proper clothing and a nice workstation have a direct effect on your productivity.


Self-Management is vital and if you aren’t good at it, you’ll fall for the lure of laziness which will eventually lead to procrastination. Avoid this by listing your tasks at the beginning of each day. Detach from things that will distract you such as television sets, your talkative neighbor, and yes, your personal social media accounts. You can’t expect to achieve anything if you’ll just be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the whole day.

Not eating healthy

This goes beyond the common mistake of ordering fast food on a regular basis. The common mistake really is not having healthy eating habits. Some eat too much, some don’t eat on time, while some forget to eat. Make it a point to have scheduled breaks that are devoted to nourishing your body. Choose home-cooked meals that are balanced. Lean meat, vegetables, and natural produce are all ideal.

Keeping a sedentary lifestyle

Working from home decreases your physical activity, but that doesn’t mean you should stay comfortably seated on your desk the whole time. This will lead to poor health that could eventually make you ill. Have a fitness regimen. If you have no time to go a gym then use exercise videos that can help you work out in the comforts of your home. There should never be an excuse.

Decreased social life

Some VAs tend to live in their bat caves and remain stuck there. This will eventually lead to isolation and depression. Like many people say, no man is an island. It’s important to have healthy relationships with other people. During off days, reconnect with friends and loved ones. This will keep you sane and happy. Avoid getting stuck at home. There is so much to see in the real world. This will also help you perform better at work and the risk of burning out is decreased.

Not being able to separate work from personal life

Most VAs juggle their tasks for their online work while doing their personal obligations. Working while doing the laundry is a bad idea. Doing your chores while working makes you prone to errors and truthfully, the overall quality of your work will end up being subpar and disappointing. Separate work at all times and stay focused. Do one task at a time and manage your time well.

In this industry, you will encounter so many mistakes. The trick is really all about self-awareness. If you know that something isn’t working to improve your present situation, then adjust the sails. Being a VA should be a fulfilling job so don’t be afraid to encounter mistakes along the way. What doesn’t kill you only makes you better and hopefully, wiser too!


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