8 Weird Ways to Boost Your Creativity

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There are days when your creative juices just run out. Try as you might, nothing good seems to come out. Suddenly, everything is out of sync and your brain is blank. Most virtual assistants have home-based jobs that require a lot of creativity. For jobs such as graphic designing, content writing, branding or social media marketing, these off days can be a huge burden. Fresh and innovative ideas are expected of you, but it requires effort to come up with these on a regular basis. If your usual drill doesn’t help you harness that much-needed charge of creative energy, then try these weird ways to boost your creativity:

  • Take a walk

     It may seem like such a simple solution, but taking a walk can really help you. Detach yourself from the screen, walk away and have a leisurely stroll. This will freshen and invigorate your tired mind. Try it! It works like a charm.

  • Unplug or detach from social media channels.

    Being overly attached to social media can be draining and exhausting. Finding inspiration by checking every post just doesn’t do the trick anymore. This could be because of overexposure. Unplug and detach and try to relax your mind. Brilliant ideas can come out when the mind is at ease.

  • Listen to different kinds of music.

    This means that you should also try to consider the genres you do not normally care for. Spotify is a great way to discover new music. This can lead to many interesting revelations about your personal taste, and you just might be pleasantly surprised that classical music, folk and country music also float your boat.

  • Laugh.

    Life can be hard and the daily grind can be very mundane. Break free from being just another entity and humanize yourself by laughing. Read comic books and watch comedy videos and movies. Talk to your most reliable jester friend if you must. Laughter helps release good chemicals in the brain that are said to have an effect on a person’s creativity.

  • Get out of your comfort zone.

    Do something that’s out of character. If you are afraid of heights, try conquering it by trying zip lines or doing something as simple as going to the top of a building and looking at the sights below. If you are the prissy kind, maybe a trip to the wet fish market will awaken your senses. The point is, do something new and out of the norm.

  • Talk to a stranger.

    This may sound a bit odd but it works. Talking to someone who has no idea about your background can give you a sense of freedom to just be yourself without the fear of being judged. If you’re lucky, you just might have an amazing conversation with a highly interesting individual. Stay open.

  • Doodle.

    For artists and frustrated artists alike, doodling can do wonders. When your mind is blank, grab a pen and paper and just doodle with wild abandon until your mind naturally picks up momentum. Some great works come from utter randomness.

  • Eat something exotic.

    Let your taste buds take you to new heights. Try dishes that are completely new to you. For starters, Indian food can assault the senses in a sublime way with their spices and curries. Thai and Vietnamese food can take you into a refreshing and satisfying culinary journey. Or how about trying an exotic Filipino dish? Soup number 5, anyone?

Creativity is something that needs to be harnessed as it may not come out naturally all the time. Despite this fact, as a virtual assistant, you are expected to make an effort and do what it takes to get back in the zone. Try these seemingly weird tips mentioned above and see what will work for you.


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