7 Ways to Combat Work Fatigue

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Fatigue or a constantly low energy level is one of the most common problems that plague office workers. It doesn’t matter what age you are either. Young or old, you’re likely to feel mentally and physically exhausted at work at some point. Even working as a home-based virtual assistant won’t allow you to completely escape this health issue. And if you want to make money from home, you have to be at your best as much as possible.

So what should you do when faced with workplace fatigue?

Here are 7 clever ways to combat work fatigue.

Drink, drink, drink!

There have been plenty of studies linking dehydration with impaired physical and mental performance, so it’s important to stay hydrated at all times. To avoid burnout, make sure that you drink as much water as your body needs everyday. So when you’re feeling a bit worse for wear, step away from your computer for a while and drink up!

Get moving.

It might seem counterintuitive to do more physical activity when you’re already too close to blacking out, but studies show that exercising can actually boost your energy levels instead of draining you further. The endorphins released after exercising also helps lift your mood and improve the efficiency of your heart. And if you’re looking to shed a few pounds or strengthen your muscles, then you’re definitely getting the best benefits from keeping active.

Eat better.

Binging on salty and sugary foods can really put a damper on your energy levels and stimulate work fatigue. While you might get a short boost of sugar rush when you eat a doughnut or a chocolate bar, it’ll take it’s toll in the long run. To keep yourself in optimum condition, you have to watch what you eat more carefully.

Get some sleep therapy.

Sleeping is most often the best solution to our problems, and it’s definitely a very effective way of countering work fatigue. Even a short nap can work wonders for your worn out self!

How to combat work fatigue.

Step away from the tech.

Too much screen time can really wear you out. Sure, staring at your computer screen is a pivotal part of your work, but you have to know when to cut your screen time. For a few minutes a day, step away from your computer, phone, and any other gadget you might have. You’ll feel more invigorated afterwards.

Have fun with friends.

Talking to your friends about lighthearted and positive topics can have a wonderful effect on your psyche. So pencil in some regular lunch or dinner bonding time with your friends. They’ll certainly help you feel better about yourself and your work woes.

Take a break.

Learn how to cut yourself some slack when it comes to work and take a break every once in awhile. Forcing yourself to continue working even when you’re exhausted will only do you and your career more harm than good. If you want to fight off work fatigue, you need to take it easy from time to time. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re feeling fatigued at work. Remember, everybody experiences it from time to time. The important thing is that you work on combatting your fatigue and getting back in the horse feeling better than ever.


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