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It cannot be denied that there’s been such a tremendous growth in the virtual assistant industry. The demand is high because numerous companies rely on the services of skilled VAs. These skilled talents have helped so many businesses blossom and thrive. If you are already a virtual assistant, chances are, you have grown in terms of ability and skill. However, it’s always advisable not to stay complacent. The key is to stay as competitive and knowledgeable as ever. And, to take advantage of free online courses.

While it might be hard to squeeze in some further education due to busy schedules, investing time and effort will pay off in the long run. Think about long-term goals. Do you want to last in this industry? If so, upgrade your skill set every so often by educating yourself with the latest trends and advancements in technology. How? Free webinars, tutorials and courses are readily available for you to take advantage of.

Here are 5 free online courses that can help you stay on top of the game:


If you want to have your own study schedule, then Coursera is for you. They teach everything from programming, digital marketing, cyber security to SEO and everything in between. The choices are endless, and best of all? They are all free of charge. In addition, you will earn a certificate for every course completed. Taking up courses here is simply winning.

Social Media Quickstarter

Social media marketing is seemingly basic and simple at first, but a seasoned VA would know that there are plenty of factors that must be mastered to be effective. Social Media Quickstarter teaches its students how to build a solid social media presence across all of the top social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedln and more. Live webinars are scheduled and can easily be accessed.


Similar to Coursera, one can learn and earn certificates at the pace that is most convenient for the student. They offer a wide array of free online courses from photography, programming, web development and beyond. Just how big is the selection of courses? Over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors to be exact. Take advantage of it when you can and see how it can further your career as a VA.

Design School by Canva

If you want to learn the basics of graphic design then this is perfect for you. Most VAs are highly marketable when they can design in conjunction with some other skills such as content writing and social media marketing. Learn how to curate and execute artwork for social media posts, infographics and more. Unleash your creativity with its highly enjoyable courses. It might spark a new career path for you.

Copywriting 101 by CopyBlogger

For content writers who want to upgrade their skills and put their writing prowess to the next level, Copywriting 101 by CopyBlogger is the one. It will teach you how to strategically deliver words that make a lasting impact on readers. The goal is to make your words touch the hearts of the target market. This will essentially draw more attention and translate to bigger sales. After all, that is the main goal of copywriting.

Learning is a never-ending process. As virtual assistants, you are expected to stay fresh and marketable. VAs are now a dime a dozen. What will make you stand out from the rest? Truthfully, it takes hard work, patience, the right attitude and of course, an impressive skill set. Upping your skills requires a major investment of time and effort, but the results you’ll reap will definitely make you thrive and last in the VA realm.


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