Top 5 Ways to Identify Career Opportunities

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Both fresh graduates and employees who have had solid work experience go through a phase of self-assessment. After all, it’s very important to evaluate careers periodically to ensure professional growth.

Most of the time, it’s the financial gain that keeps job hunters motivated to find better possible opportunities. Sometimes, it’s the desire to achieve work-life balance. Some search for fulfillment and purpose. If you are one of the many who aspire to be a virtual assistant someday, here are the top 5 ways to identify the right career opportunities for you:

  1. Evaluate your skill set.

Take the time to thoroughly go through your work history and gather insight on whether or not you have acquired enough skills to be a good candidate for some job openings. Some job hunters are not always honest with themselves, and this may lead to misrepresentation in the future. If you have what it takes for a particular job, then that’s the time to really consider the career opportunity. Otherwise, beef up your skill set. Educate yourself by going through free webinars and trainings that can upgrade you professionally. This could be a short course in graphic design, branding, digital marketing or whatever skill you have a natural inclination to.

  1. Make use of your network.

You have an existing network already so make use of it. A job won’t fall magically from the heavens. It might take a lot of work, but it will be worth all the effort in the end. Talk to your friends, relatives and people you have worked with in the past. For already employed VAs, now is the time to discuss things with your manager including your direct boss if possible. Let them know about your desire to advance your career path. Showing them that you have ambition can be a game changer. Just make sure you have the ability to deliver.

  1. Seek help from headhunters and other career advisors.

If for some reason, you are still clueless on how to go about it, contact the HR department of the companies that you want to work for. In addition, you may consult with career advisors that have the knowledge and ability to help you map out your professional life. They can give you insight on the professions that are in demand and tips about industries that have remarkable growth. Use social media accounts like Facebook or Linkedln that could give you access to trends and job opportunities and most importantly, help you find the right people who could help you.

  1. Be ready with all the requirements.

Be a step ahead by preparing the requirements such as a cover letter, transcript of records and your updated resume. The key is to be able to clearly communicate to the employer why they should pick you without even meeting you. These documents must be written impeccably. Aim to have substance so you can impress and get noticed.

  1. Know how to market yourself.

If you do get called back, you must have a plan of action. Before the interview takes place, make a list of your skills and be prepared for the questions that might be thrown at you. These may be the usual ones such as, “Why should we hire you?” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” In short, do your homework and practice. This will help you ace the interview and essentially get you hired.

Navigating through one’s career path can be daunting. For some of us, it could take a lot of patience and determination. If you still haven’t found the right job, stay focused, hopeful and persistent. Know that the job that is meant for you will be yours in due time.


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