4 Easy Tips on How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Work Week

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Now that you have a legitimate work-from-home job, you might have already settled in and adjusted to the responsibilities of being a virtual assistant. Like any job, there is a certain routine and work flow that one must get used to. There are highs and lows and never ending learning curves. These make work exciting and fulfilling, but there is also the dreaded plateau. This phase almost always happens after reaching a point where you are no longer challenged.

Getting too familiar with something might trigger a slight disconnect in terms of feeling passionate about your work. Yes, it happens. People get bored, become complacent, and become lazy, and the root of this is a lack of motivation. Before you start your work week, consider following these tips. Here are the best ways to stay motivated and bring your A-game to work.

Make it fun.

Making things fun at work sounds like a challenge, but it surely does wonders once you’ve found out how to bring that fun factor back into your work. It all starts with changing your mindset. Instead of starting your day with a negative attitude, ask yourself, how can I make work fun? How can I make it appeal to me again?

If you are in customer service, try to have fun with the people you interact with. If you are a content writer or graphic artist, unleash your creativity so that you can have fun in the process. Another trick is to  learn something new. Use a new app or work on a completely different skill in your spare time. No matter what job you’ve got, there’s always that spark of passion that can be drawn out when you have fun. And surely, this will motivate you once again.

Track your progress.

You might find yourself forgetting that working is a way to improve your skill set. It isn’t just a way to earn a living. Your experiences, be it positive or negative, all add to your learnings which in turn make you more capable of what lies ahead in your career. Tracking your progress can be in the form of a weekly work diary or through a simple update of your resumé or portfolio. This will give you a clear picture of the skills you have learned and accomplished. There’s nothing wrong with stroking your ego. Allow it to motivate you in becoming a better and more capable virtual assistant.

Reward yourself.

Have something to look forward to after every work week. This could be as simple as having a meal in your favorite restaurant, having a manicure, hanging out with your friends or hiking during the weekend. Find time to do whatever you enjoy after finishing all your tasks. When you give yourself a reward, it all seems sweeter and more fulfilling. After accomplishing a lot of work during the week, pat yourself on the back and let yourself know that you are worthy of that special treat.

Be grateful.

 Last but definitely not least is the mere act of gratefulness. This, when practiced all throughout the week, will give you a boost when things are getting boring and mundane. Remember the factors that got you into the virtual assistant industry in the first place, and be thankful that you have a job that helps you pay the bills; a job that does not require you to face the crazy traffic when you commute, a job that doesn’t require you to spend on meals and corporate outfits, a job that makes you present in your home where your family needs you. Reminding yourself of how blessed you are will bring back motivation in no time.

The next time you find yourself in a rut, don’t get discouraged. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing your mindset to find that boost you need to make work enjoyable once again. Motivation may come and go, but harnessing it back is always possible. Stay the course!


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