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“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Philip Stanhope

A day in the life of a virtual assistant is a constant struggle with self-discipline. This is because of the simple fact that you work from home. When you’re at home, distractions abound. And if you aren’t a great self-manager, you simply won’t get any work done. Procrastination is the root of delays and non-deliverables. So how can you avoid this? Here are some tips on how to cope with procrastination issues:

  1. Always start with a clear head.

    Before you start your work session, clear your mind of all your personal issues. Being a professional means that you can separate your work life and your personal life. Consider a quick session of meditation. This will help relieve anxiety and stress. A positive start will bring great results throughout the day.

  2. Make a list of tasks.

    Avoid feeling overwhelmed from the get-go by organizing your tasks into small doable steps. Sometimes, people tend to procrastinate because they feel like the tasks are impossible to manage. Categorize each task according to its urgency so you can tackle them according to their deadlines.

  3. Have a time limit for each task.

    Set a time frame for each one so that you can motivate yourself to finish the task on time.

  4. Avoid all distractions.

    Set your work desk in the most peaceful area of your house. Absolutely no television sets nearby or any form of distraction like a comfortable bed, the fridge, your children’s clutter and the like. Avoid noisy house members by letting them know in advance that you have work at a certain time of the day.

  5. Limit your socials.

    Place your mobile phone on silent during work hours and avoid chatting with friends. Do not open your social media accounts while working so you don’t get tempted. Absolutely no playing of games and other applications.

  6. Train your mind.

    Self-disciple starts from training your mind. Block off negative thoughts that may cross your mind in the middle of the day. Acknowledge these emotions and give them about 5 minutes then shake them off. Always remember that negativity has no power over you, and that you are in full control.

  7. Get your back into it.

    There is simply no way to finish a task aside from doing it and doing it now. Not later, not after an hour but NOW. business-checklist-2

  8. Practice.

    Make it a point to do this every day consistently for a month. The chances of you being able to form this kind of disciple into a lasting habit are significantly higher. Most habits are achieved through repetitive actions.

  9. Have something to look forward to.

    Each day you have work, have something to look forward to so that you get inspired to finish everything. It could be a great home-cooked meal or quality time with the kids. By having this set in your mind, you are more likely to finish your tasks so that you can achieve gratification without delay.

  10. Stay the course.

    Know that each day is an obstacle course and that you must not give up no matter what. If you are tired, simply rest and continue when you have recuperated.

Virtual assistants battle with procrastination on a daily basis, but the secret to fighting it is knowing that it’s all in the mind.

Train your mind and discipline it to get things done on time.

By being aware of what triggers procrastination and by completely avoiding all factors that derail productivity during work hours, you can ensure a fruitful work session every day.


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