VA 101: 5 Worst Case Scenarios and How to Manage Them

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If you are a newbie in the realm of online recruitment and you have imagined a perpetually serene working environment free from all the unnecessary drama that usually happens in an office set-up, think again!

The fact is, being a virtual assistant doesn’t give you 100% freedom from social interactions that may lead to misunderstandings. Ironically, you must have great communication skills to survive in this industry. Since face-to-face meetings do not happen, you must be mindful of your words and the tone of the messages you send. Listed below are difficult issues that VAs face at work and how to manage each one.

Another virtual assistant from your team influences you to join in nasty gossip sessions.

There will always be that one person in your team who loves gossip. This certain person is addicted to drama and feeding their need to be in-the-know.

Survival Tip: Virtual assistant companies are a dime a dozen and no matter who may lure you, use your better judgment and avoid this person when you can. Stay professional and converse with this person only when it’s necessary. Keep yourself busy and stay classy.

A boss or someone in a higher position is sexually harassing you.

After going through the lengthy hiring procedure and officially becoming a VA, this might be one of the most challenging experiences you can have. This might not as be as intense as scenarios that can happen within an office, but the fact remains that it still happens in the virtual world.

Survival Tip: As soon as this happens, take screenshots of all correspondences and report to your immediate boss. If it is your immediate boss who is harassing you, then report to your human resource office administration without hesitation. You must know that you are worthy of respect, and this kind of scenario should never be tolerated.

Another VA is working against you.

This may be one of the most difficult scenarios that you could deal with because some people are crafty and ultra competitive. These people may set you up or worse, create a web of lies that can hurt you in the end.

Survival Tip: The wisest thing you can do is to observe this person and be wary of anything that this person may claim. If you feel uncomfortable, then chances are your gut is telling you something. Always take screenshots of any conversation that you can use as proof to show the virtual admin or HR. Second, remain calm and do not let your emotions get the better of you. Usually, these people want to bring out your ugly side, so avoid profanities even during a heated argument. State facts and keep things professional. In the end, your HR will determine who is being victimized.

You are wrongly accused of something that you didn’t do.

Virtual assistant companies are not free of people who will do you wrong. In fact, the chances of these things happening are higher due to the impersonal work dynamics.

Survival Tip: Again, the best way to remedy this problem is by always documenting correspondence with your co-workers. Always stay calm and answer with facts rather than catering to your emotional defenses. The truth will always come out in the end, and it’s wise to choose your words and stay professional no matter how hard the situation can be.

You are verbally abused or berated by a client.

Virtual assistant companies cannot always guarantee that your clients will treat you well throughout the course of your employment, but do know that they should give you protection and their 100% support.

Survival Tip: Let your office administration or HR know right away. Back it up with proof by doing screenshots. If this happens during voice calls and video chats, by all means, record them so you have proof. Respect should always be expected from your superiors, and no matter how desperate the need for employment is, a VA should not have to tolerate bad behavior from their clients.

The reality is, bad scenarios can happen. In fact, there are a lot more than what is listed above.

If you ever find yourself in a challenging situation, let your immediate supervisor know right away.

At 20four7va, we value you, and we recognize that it is our duty to protect you throughout the whole process — from the recruitment process, to client pairing and to the actual employment itself. For further reading on this topic, please refer to the Virtual Assistant manual.


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