10 Working From Home Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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One of the biggest challenges that comes with the ability to make money from home is staying productive. Most of our homes were designed with comfort in mind, so they are not really conducive to professional productivity. For one, having a designated room for an office is a luxury that many don’t have. A typical home based virtual assistant will likely be working from a desk inside their room or somewhere else in the house. In some cases, they will be forced to share their professional space with other people who are not working. This means more distractions and a difficult time staying productive.

But these challenges doesn’t mean that optimum productivity is impossible to achieve when you’re providing virtual assistant services from home. To help you work faster, better, and more efficiently, check out these 10 working from home tips to boost your productivity.

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Get up early.

Waking up early allows you to prepare yourself for a productive day ahead. You don’t have to work as soon as you get up. Have some coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, and plan your day.

Follow a routine.

Having a routine, even a flexible one, helps you accomplish more and stay on track. Set regular hours for work, breaks, chores, and any other responsibilities you may have. When you follow a routine, you’re less likely to struggle with deadlines because you know that you’re getting things done on a regular basis.

Get dressed for work.

You don’t have to wear business attire, but you can’t just go straight to work wearing your PJs either. Have a sort of uniform when you work, even if this means a t-shirt and a pair of sweats. Wearing something specific for when you’re working helps set the mood.

Choose your workspace carefully.

Even with limited space you can still have a designated workspace that helps you minimize distractions. Choose the quietest, most isolated part of your room or house and set up a proper workstation there.

Work when you’re most efficient.

When you’re just starting out as a home based virtual assistant, do your work at different hours and observe when you’re most productive and energized for work. Set this as your regular work schedule.

Use a productivity app/tool.

There are plenty of tools that are geared to help people with productivity ranging from focusing tools to scheduling tools. Pick out a couple for things that you’re having trouble with such as staying focused, time tracking, or remembering tasks then look for an app that helps resolve those issues.

Automate some tasks.

If you have noticed that you’re doing certain tasks repeatedly everyday, look for an app or tool that can automate them. Even shaving a few minutes off your daily routine can work wonders for your productivity.

Don’t forget to communicate.

One of the biggest issues about working from home is that you don’t see your coworkers on a regular basis. This means that you should make an extra effort to regularly communicate with them so that you’re always in the loop.

Take regular breaks.

The human body is not designed to work for hours on end without rest. To help you stay alert, take regular 15-20 minute breaks every few hours.

Sleep well.

Staying well-rested is one of the key things that helps with productivity. Try to get the required number of hours of sleep everyday so you’re more mentally sharp and focused the following day.

Staying productive while working from home is definitely a challenge, but by following the tips above, you’ll definitely have better odds at conquering this common VA problem.


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